Common myths about the general contracting industry

Common myths about general contracting industry

Every industry has some myths and misconceptions peddled by those who don’t understand it. For instance, the prevailing myth around the finance industry is that it is made up of greedy people, who would do anything just to make more money. Others like the legal services industry are thought to me made up of cunning individuals. The general contracting industry is no exception to these myths and misconceptions. Let’s now look at the most common myths about the general contracting industry.

Anyone can work in this industry

The most common myth about the general contracting industry is that anyone can work in this industry. The misconception is that this industry doesn’t require any specialized skill for one to make a career out of it. What people don’t know is that for you to make a serious career in this industry, you need to have at least a college diploma. There are industry standards and regulations that make it pretty difficult for someone without an education to advance in this industry.

General contracting is a risky industry

While there is an element of risk that comes with the general contracting industry, it is not so high as compared to other industries out there. Besides, government regulations and self-regulation by companies have ensured that the levels of work-related risks are greatly reduced.  In fact, you will be surprised to learn that the level of risk for general contracting workers is much lower, than many of the industries that you think carry a lower physical injury risk.

Common myths about general contracting industry - contractor

General contracting is not profitable

There is a narrative out there that the general contracting industry is a dead-end industry that has low profits, and offers little space for growth. This myth is not founded on any hard facts. The truth is that general contracting is a billion dollar industry, and enjoys a healthy year-on-year growth.  For instance, a company like Gomez contractors has been so successful that it has won multiple awards based on its success in the industry. You can check out some of their industry awards on the company website

General contracting is a simple industry

When people think about general contracting, the first thing that comes to mind is that of a person in a helmet, holding a hammer or some other tool. However, that is not true. In fact, the industry is highly advanced and makes use of technologically advanced tools. That’s why it would be difficult for anyone without advanced technical skills, to make it in this industry.

General contracting has no career growth prospects

Many people think that there are no prospects for anyone who chooses to make a career in this industry. That’s not true. There are so many opportunities for general contracting employees.  In fact, as technology continues to take center stage in this industry, it will become easier for people to make a career, and even make successful transitions to other industries out there. That’s not the definition of an industry that has low career progression prospects, is it?

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