3 Must Have Golf Cart Accessories For Yard Work

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When most people hear the term ‘golf carts’, they create a mental picture of golf courses, field houses, and putting greens. However, a lot of people are using golf carts for various uses outside golf courses. People have discovered just how much golf carts can make work around the home an easy task. This is because you can use a golf cart to haul tools, supplies, and even plants. Although wheelbarrows make the work of hauling materials across your yard or garden much easier, the work done cannot be compared to that of a golf cart.

Must Have Golf Cart Accessories

You will still use a lot of energy to lift, balance, and pull the cart or wheelbarrow. Here are various accessories you can add to your golf cart to make yard work easier and safer.

Floor Mats

Floor mats are a very important item if you’re going to be doing gardening or using it for yard work. They can avoid injuries from slipping thus preventing any possible accidents or falls. They also help clean your cart clean. Whether you’re gardening, installing a new fence or doing general work, it’s a very untidy process and soil or grass stuck on your feet may get onto your golf cart as you maneuver around your yard.

However, they may not be so good during rainy periods because some of the water may sip through the mats and towards the floor. Nevertheless, they are a great accessory for your golf cart as they are easy to clean, dry quickly, and are easy to maintain.

Appropriate Tires and Wheels

Depending on the terrain of your yard or garden, you may have to change the wheels of your golf cart to ease the process by which you navigate around your property. You may choose to buy all-terrain tires or aggressive mud tires. The size of the tire you choose will be decided by the size of the lift kit installed.

Must Have Golf Cart Accessories - tires

It’s very easy to get tempted to buy fancy wheels just to make your golf cart look cool but you have to keep in mind that you want your golf cart to serve as your workhorse. So be sure of what tires you are buying and what advantages they offer you while gardening.

Rack or Utility Box

If you are buying a golf cart for use in yard work, then it is really important that you equip your cart with a carrier either on top of the roof of your golf cart or on the rear. The extra cargo space will allow you to transport equipment across your yard easily without having to burden yourself with too much work.

When buying a carrier, make sure that is made of high-quality sturdy material such as tubular steel or aluminum. If possible, buy a carrier that you can alternatively use as a seat in case you want to carry someone else such as your spouse, child or your pet around your yard.

Golf carts are much smaller than trucks and this provides the user with a lot of versatility in managing their yard space. There are plenty of golf cart accessories to choose depending on what you need. You might be able to find some of the items we listed locally at an outdoor store or you can shop accessories online at places like Golf Cart Garage. Be sure to observe the weight restrictions of the cart to avoid damaging it and install accessories in the proper manner lest you could disqualify yourself from warranty on the vehicle if you were to cause any damage to it.

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