Is a Multimeter an Electrician’s Best Friend?

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Multimeters are an electronic device that is used to measure current, voltage, and resistance. They combine all three of these into one unit that can be handheld or a bench mount type of device. Since it is capable of measuring three different electrical units, it is called a multimeter. The multimeter utilizes a graphic with a moving pointer to show the amount of current, voltage, or resistance in a particular item or component of an electrical grid.
Is a Multimeter an Electrician's Best Friend

A multimeter can range from as inexpensive as $10 for a small handheld unit, to as much as $5000 for a large table mount type unit. Most electricians carry at least an inexpensive handheld unit while on the job. Many have several and use them in a variety of ways when they are working around electrical components. There are a wide array of different kinds of multimeters. Different manufacturers make a variety of models that sport different features that make one type more useful for specific purposes over other types of multimeters.

Some multimeters are digital and others are analog. Some electricians prefer one type over another but they all suit the same basic purpose of checking the level of current, voltage, and resistance thus protecting the electrician from potential electrocution and possibly death. Part of their training as an electrical engineer will include multimeters and how they can ensure the electrician’s safety by properly utilizing them while they are on the job.

Electricians utilize multimeters in a variety of ways on the job. The multimeter is by and far the most important item in the electrician’s toolbox. Check how Ark Electricians ( ) use this tool. If an electrician were to touch a bare wire that had a full current, he or she could be seriously injured or even die. The multimeter can be clipped to the bare wire and check to see what the current load is before the electrician begins to work on the situation at hand.

It can be intimidating to use a multimeter the first few times a person uses one as they know that the wires that they connect to the multimeter can be life thus harboring high levels of current and voltage. It’s always wise to know all safety protocols when using a multimeter and to be aware of the potential for electrical current in the wires that are being checked.

Is a Multimeter an Electrician's Best Friend - multimeter

One simple mishap can mean the difference between life and death for an electrician so always being aware of what they are connected to and the potential for danger is tantamount to safety at all times. Carelessness is the main cause of injury to an electrician.

It’s vital for electricians to fully understand how their multimeter works and if they purchase a new device it’s vital that they learn how to properly utilize it prior to use to ensure their safety. In the hands of an inexperienced electrical technician, a multimeter can be a serious danger. When used properly, the multimeter is perhaps their best friend as it’s efficient, shows the voltage and current as well as provides them with a level of safety that they can’t have without it.

Depending upon the task at hand, an electrical will use the multimeter to test a load of a specific circuit or the strength of the current. They will test the resistance and whether or not there is an electrical current running correctly through the item or area being repaired.

Most electricians consider the multimeter to be their most valuable tool on the job to protect them and keep them safe. Is a multimeter an electrician’s best friend? For most electricians, the answer would be a definite yes!

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