Moving to Utah? 5 ways to personalize your new home

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So you’ve finally decided to relocate. There are plenty of great homes for sale in Utah, property prices are on the rise and, Covid notwithstanding, the jobs market is buoyant. It’s a great choice for so many reasons. The local economy is strong. Outside areas such as Park City the cost of living is very reasonable and often falls below the national average. The climate is warm and sunny, the natural environment is simply spectacular, and there’ll be countless opportunities to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.

Moving to Utah

The first thing you’ll likely want to do when you make your move is to make your new property feel like home for you and your family.  But how to go about transforming a house so it truly becomes yours?   Here are a few simple ideas to help you make your mark, no matter what your budget.

Bring the things you love

In your current home, there are bound to be special items that you cherish. Things that tell the story of your life.  Family photos, favorite paintings, ornaments, even cushions, and throws.  Don’t forget kitchenware – the coffee mug that makes every drink taste special, or the perfect omelet pan that’s just the right size.  Let every member of the family select some of the items that hold special meaning for them. The challenge won’t be to find things to bring, it will likely how to choose the things each person is prepared to be separated from, even for a short time!

When packing up your belongings in your current home, ship the ‘beloved’ items separately, so they arrive safely before the bulk of your furniture.  If you’ll be traveling by car, pack them carefully and take them with you. If not, choose a reliable courier service to deliver them as soon as you move in. This way, almost from the minute you arrive, you’ll be surrounded by the things that express who you are and bring you joy.

Take your time

One mistake people often make when moving into a new home, it to furnish and accessorize it, completely, as soon as they move in.  Unless you’re a really talented interior designer (see below), the final result is likely to be a little underwhelming and the overall effect will be that things are too ‘matched’ or over coordinated.  Whether you love antiques or ultra-modern high-tech pieces, buying pieces in bulk from one or two stores doesn’t always give an aesthetically pleasing result.  Far better to search out pieces over some time. Choose items that ‘speak’ to you and which express your personality, rather than to try and complete your interior design in as little time as possible.

Transform the home’s exterior

When you move into a new home, one of the aspects that can seem most impersonal and in need of a change is the exterior. However, it’s not difficult to transform the appearance of a property with a few simple adjustments. Hard landscaping projects may seem a bit daunting when you just move in- but maybe inexpensive and easy to install additions such as decking or a fire-pit can help you to claim the outdoor space as your own. Adding some new plants – in the earth or planters, is another great way to connect you with your corner of the natural world and express your individuality. Many people are surprised to learn that, due to Utah’s climate, it’s easy to grow tomatoes, zucchini, peas, peppers, corn, and other foods that thrive in the heat and hours of sunshine. Just throw some seeds into the rich soil and, in no time, you’ll be serving organic salads from your own garden.

Moving to Utah - personalized home

Integrate with the local style

If you’re making a major change in your lifestyle, say from an urban apartment to a rural new-build home, again, the golden rule is to take your time as you create a home that truly reflects your personality.  At the same time, you’ve come to Utah, so it’s a great idea to make design choices that fit in with the local style.  ‘Modern Mountain’ is often used to describe the comfortable functional chic of the look many people find fits perfectly with a relaxed, nature-loving way of living.

Check out local interior design magazines and websites such as Utah Style and Design for inspiration and ideas. This type of publication will also be a great source of contacts for suppliers, manufacturers and showrooms so can help you make a plan of action as you start to investigate the many wonderful possibilities. Fill your outdoor space with vegetation that’s native to the area – that way there’s more chance that it will thrive in the local soil and blend in with the natural surroundings. Of course, you can add special touches with your favorite shrubs, such as lavender and rosemary.  Just focus on those that thrive in similar climatic conditions, even if they’re originally from a different part of the world.

Partner with an interior designer

If your budget allows, why not invest in the skills of an experienced local interior designer. He or she will work with you to re-interpret your ideas and express your individuality within a design which incorporates the unique feel of Utah. Using a professional can be a wise investment.  It will avoid you wasting money on expensive mistakes or on schemes that somehow don’t achieve exactly what you want.  Designers usually have contacts with local tradespeople so they can save you considerable time and effort by getting work organized: they’ll also know who does a good job, and whose price is reasonable.

Most importantly, before they start work on turning any project into reality, you’ll be the one with final approval. So you’ll be sure that your home will feel like you, and that the cherished items that you brought when you first moved in, will be incorporated into the scheme. They’ll have found their rightful place in your Utah home, as hopefully, will you.

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