Things to Consider When Moving to the Country

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The simple, slow pace of rural life can be an attractive change of scenery for many people both young and old. Living in the countryside isn’t without its challenges, however, but it also comes with its unique perks. Sometimes, the country roads do take you home. Many former city slickers find themselves moving to the countryside, where the appeal of the open fields and rural lifestyle beckon them to embrace a much simpler life. But is moving to the countryside as simple as it sounds?

Things to Consider When Moving to the Country

There are a few challenges to consider when moving across state lines and away from the bustle of the big city, but once you’ve settled in, you can revel in all the things the country has to offer. If your dream home is in the picturesque countryside of West Virginia, long-distance movers are among the many people you’ll need.

The Appeal

Moving to the country is usually something that appeals to retirees who want to live out their golden years being closer to nature.  Today, however, even younger people are looking forward to life in the countryside. Young professionals who were once drawn to the city for the jobs and the lifestyle are put off by the price of real estate. This goes double for more established individuals already in the family way. After all, why should they settle for renting an overpriced studio apartment in the middle of the city where a home out in the country can be much bigger and more spacious than any city home could ever hope to be at land values that won’t break the bank.

Moving to the country is especially fortuitous for city-slickers whose main jobs are done over the cloud. Telecommuting has eliminated the need for people to be present during work hours, and moving to the countryside to pursue more nature-oriented hobbies can finally be done without sacrificing lucrative careers. Telecommuters can also look forward to never even seeing a traffic jam ever again. Moreover, in the age of e-commerce, the need to choose a home close to shopping areas isn’t always a necessity.

The Challenges

Of course, achieving the dream of moving to the country isn’t without its hurdles to surmount. Among the biggest challenges, most would-be followers of Cincinnatus would have to contend with the need to select their new country homes carefully. When buying or leasing a farmhouse, it’s important to know what comes with it to anticipate future expenditures such as farm equipment.

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Scouting the area is also important to ensure that the planned home is well within easy access to the essentials. Convenient access to infrastructure such as highways and the presence of public transportation like trains and bus lines, a rural home should be located within as close as possible to healthcare institutions. Wait times in rural hospitals and doctor’s offices are a lot longer than those in urban areas, and psychiatric care lines even more so.

Finally, there is the matter of living closer to animals. Even diehard animal lovers are going to need to be acquainted with the need to plan around the disturbances caused by visiting wildlife.

Things Change

One of the things everyone moving to small towns can expect is the big change of pace most people have. Unlike in cities, where people live fast-paced lives dominated by the clock, the pace in small towns slows down considerably, which can be good for those who want to appreciate the little things in life and a sigh of relief for people dealing with constant stress.

Settling in a friendly community, meanwhile, can lead to an odd sense of familiarity with everybody. Family businesses become synonymous with the families that run them, and deep friendships with doctors, dentists, and shopkeepers are a norm in due time.

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