What To Know About Moving to Arlington, VA

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With its urban atmosphere harmoniously combined with suburban communities, Arlington, VA, is among some of the places ranked as the best place to live in. It boasts its growing economy, good quality of education, and low unemployment rate. If you are moving to Arlington, there is so much to discover, from its busiest metropolitan areas to smaller warm villages. It can be exciting, but, like any other significant change in life, moving can be daunting too.

What To Know About Moving to Arlington

Before making a move, it is good to learn a bit about the place. Here are some facts to keep in mind when moving to Arlington:

Arlington Has a Rich Past

Covering 24 square miles of land, Arlington is the smallest county in the US. Still, it has a very significant history and national relevance behind it. It was first established as Bellehaven County under the Federal Government in 1789. It was a part of the District of Columbia until 1846 when it was returned to Virginia. In 1883, during the Civil War, and after several legal disputes, the land was bought by the US Congress to become a military reservation. Congress later turned it into Arlington National Cemetery. With its rich history, there are many historical sites and museums you can visit. Aside from the cemetery, the Pentagon and the National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial, and the Air Force Memorial are worth a tour.

There’s More to the Area Than the Cemetery

Arlington’s most iconic landmark is the Arlington National Cemetery, established in 1864. The cemetery takes about 20% of the county and entombs soldiers who fought during the Civil War and those from previous conflicts, including World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. It became a cemetery in response to the need for a burial location for the growing number of casualties from the Civil War, which the local cemeteries in Washington DC cannot cater to. The first burial in Arlington Cemetery happened in May 1964. From there, it became a shrine for many patriots, heroes, and patriots. Arlington Cemetery has a long history before becoming what it is today. It can be great to pay respects to the country’s fallen heroes and learn more about our country’s storied history and those who spent their lives to keep our country free.

Prepare For the Hot Arlington Weather

It is sunny in Arlington, VA, with an average of 201 sunny days for most of the year, and it can get pretty hot during the summer. Moreover, the county also experiences rain and snow throughout the year. With Arlington’s climate, it is best to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Try to inspect the house you’ll be moving into and see if it has proper ventilation, air conditioning as well as heating systems. It is also essential to prepare the right clothes in different seasons. Getting insurance for your assets, including vehicle and home insurance for all kinds of weather, is also a good idea to consider.

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Get Ready to Handle the Local Pests

Like any other city, there are always common pest problems that you can expect. Given Arlington’s climate and surroundings (which includes bodies of water), you may encounter mice/rats, wasps, ants, mosquitos, and silverfishes here and there. Infestations can be avoidable, especially when your house is built with good foundations to keep pests outside and is adequately maintained. Clean the house before moving in or putting your stuff inside. Inspecting and cleaning your furniture and appliances before bringing them in is also essential.

Additionally, it is necessary to know when to call a professional to help control pests inside your house. When the infestation gets uncontrollable, try not to aggravate what’s happening by putting chemical pest treatments in trial-and-error. This can harm you or your family, damage the house or just let the pests spread even more. Look for a trusted professional pest control service in Arlington before an infestation gets too severe. Pest control can save you money, time, energy and effort, and can guarantee your safety.

Making Arlington, VA Your Home

Arlington gracefully blends urban villages with busy metropolitan areas. Whichever suits your preference, whether the warm town feels or the fast city life, Arlington has it for you. The county is rich in history and tradition; hence the tours and exhibits will always be there to enjoy. Arlington is also big on the art scene and has lots of creative activities to offer. Arlington Arts Center supports local artists in the county and offers programs, holds exhibits, and offers studio spaces. Additionally, there are also shopping locations, community groups, local events, brewery tours, and other leisure places and activities that you can discover and enjoy. Arlington’s about to become your home. Make the city work for you.

Ready to Move to Arlington County?

Arlington is just five miles west of Washington DC, giving you easy access to the capital should you want to go there. But with the county’s rich culture and history, a booming economy, along with its good neighborhoods and unique and robust education system, you might not want to leave. Overall, Arlington is a great place to live in and will surely help you nurture a life you can enjoy.

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