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Moving Home Checklist

No, you don’t have to panic at all while shifting. You might be done with the packing, booked your local movers and ready to leave. But are you sure that everything is perfect at the home you are moving and the new home too?

This article is designed to brief you with the last minute checklist. What are the essential things to consider before shifting?

  • Keep the file of all the crucial documents ready with you. It must carry all the papers relating to your present home as well as the future home. In case it’s an interstate move make sure you have all the permits ready with you, and it’s handy in your file.
  • Check that you have no pending debts at the present place. It may be regarding electricity bills, water bills, maintenance bills, gas bills or any other liability. You should clear everything before leaving to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • Make sure all your boxes are labeled before you load them into the truck. Each of the boxes should be labeled with the room particulars. It will be then easy to arrange your new home without having to struggle to locate any of your belongings.

  • Your new home must be cleaned before you arrive there. You cannot just clean everything yourself after your hectic journey nor can you stay in a dusty and filthy environment for the rest of the day. And once your luggage is there, it will be challenging to clean every corner of your home. So get it done before your reach.
  • Make sure all your important connections are on before you go for a living — at least water, cooking gas and electricity that are the necessary amenities. You cannot call an electrician or plumber or any service provider immediately after reaching there. You must cross-check all this a day before your shift. Get it fixed if you miss out on anything.
  • Put down some cardboard on the floor before you drag your heavy boxes in your new home. It is very important to protect the flooring.
  • You have a separate bag with you in your car for your kids and pets. All their essentials are supposed to be with you and not in the moving truck. Kids and pets may require anything anytime. Also, you must have an emergency bag containing the first-aid kit and medicines of your family members available in your reach immediately.
  • Change your postal address on all the sites online. You can’t go easy with these things else all your parcels may reach out to your old address.
  • Get your TV, furniture and other essential electronics like a refrigerator, washing machine, etc all installed before you are into your new home. These are the things that you may require the very next day of your move, and you may not find a service person available immediately.
  • Keep one pair of clothes and a night suit of each of your family member in a separate bag. You might not unpack your luggage the same day of your reach. So keep all the important things in your reach.

Bottom Line

All your packing is complete; your bags are ready? It’s good that you are ready to move before time but check all the things listed above else you may have to face last moment inconvenience. If you check all this, you will not have any issue while leaving your present home or while living at your new home. Everything will be perfect. Congratulations on your new home. Have a party and enjoy it.

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