Preparing for a Relocation: Moving Furniture Checklist

Moving furniture is one of the most stressful aspects of relocating — and it can often feel like an overwhelming task for even the most experienced mover. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll provide you with ten must-know tips on moving furniture successfully, from preparing an inventory of all items to wrapping them properly.

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You’ll be prepared to move any size or shape item with ease, so get ready for a smoother relocation experience!

10 Moving Furniture Tips

Plan carefully

One of the most important moving furniture tips is to plan carefully. Consider which pieces will fit through doorways and halls, and how much space will be available once everything is inside. Plus, think about which items need to be disassembled for the transition, such as bed frames and tables, so you have any tools or help needed to get them apart.

Prepare a list of furniture you’re moving with you

Taking the time to create an accurate list of furniture that you’re moving with you is an important part of the relocation process. Doing so not only helps you keep track of the furnishings in your new place, but it also serves as a checklist when it comes to making sure none of them get left behind. It’s especially useful for larger pieces like beds and couches since those tend to take up more space and are harder to remember.

Leave it to a moving company

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just hire movers to move furniture —it’s one smart tip for tackling your relocation with ease. Not only will they have the right tools and know-how to handle heavy items safely, but they can also save you time and energy spent organizing and meticulously packing up each item. But are there reliable furniture movers near me, you may be wondering? Of course, just do your research and see to it that you select professionals with proven track records of getting the job done on time and with minimal stress.

Prepare necessary packing supplies

By preparing necessary packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap beforehand, solving the question of how to pack furniture for moving will become easier. Many people forget the importance of planning and end up struggling with packing because they lack the right equipment or tools. Try to avoid this issue and leave yourself enough time to prepare for your move by gathering all necessary packing materials in advance.

Clean the furniture

One practical tip for keeping your furniture in good condition during transition is to ensure that you thoroughly clean it before you take it out of the house. This removes dirt, dust, and stains from the surface and also helps protect it from getting any additional damage while being transported. Plus, when movers come into contact with clean furniture they are more likely to treat your belongings with an extra level of care.

Dismantle the furniture

Dismantling items before transport breaks them down into more manageable pieces, saving time and energy when reassembling them later on. In some cases, particularly with bulky items such as beds, dismantling could also help get it up or down stairs more easily.

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Pack and wrap furniture properly

When the time comes to move furniture out of your home, one tip is to rely on a professional packing and wrapping service. Professional movers are skilled in assessing which materials should be used for packing and wrapping furniture, so you don’t have to worry about wasting supplies or having pieces damaged during transport.

Measure the width of doorways

One useful step to include in your moving furniture checklist is to measure doorways beforehand. Doing this will help you determine if an item is too wide to fit without taking it apart or turning it around laboriously. Knowing this information will save you time and effort, as well as reduce the chances of damaging your furniture or your walls in the process.

Clear doorways and hallways

Clearing doorways and hallways allows for an efficient path that won’t be blocked by obstacles and prevents any damage. Doing this is also the safest option because bulky items such as couches and beds can easily cause harm due to their size.

Choose the right moving truck (for a DIY move)

Finally, make sure you’re renting the right size truck. Taking too small of a truck could mean that some of your furniture gets left behind while taking too large of a truck can be a waste of money. Instead, take the time to measure the biggest pieces you plan on transporting and use online calculators to determine what size truck will fit them comfortably.


Moving furniture around can be a daunting task to tackle, but with the right preparation and helpful tips, it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, these tips on how to wrap furniture for moving gave you all the information necessary to make your relocation smoother, faster, and safer. And don’t forget that there are always professionals available that would be more than happy to help move heavy items if the task proves too overwhelming for you. Happy moving!

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