There is nothing but upside when you decide to buy a move-in ready property. Preferences still play a role in the buying decision, but the overall expectations of the home are always positive. If these pros sound interesting, then a move-in ready property should meet your expectations.

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Good plumbing is something that will make or break a home purchase. New homes in Tolleson AZ have up to date plumbing, and that’s what separates them from other real estate options. The plumbing ‘seal of approval’ means that the pipes and surrounding areas have been checked for defects within the past year. A move-in ready property gets rid of the anxiousness that comes with not knowing the extent of plumbing damage. Old and unkept plumbing can absolutely destroy the purchase value of a home.


Have you ever had a conversation with a company that led to an impossibly complicated scenario? Now imagine the feeling that comes when you have to deal with the electric company. Fixer uppers are offered at a low price if you’re willing to deal with some minor quirks. Unfortunately, electricity issues will never fall under the category of a minor quirk. This has nothing to do with the actual wiring, and instead focuses on the account issues associated with buying a home. Move-in ready properties live up to their name, meaning the conversation with the electric company will be a guaranteed smooth transaction.

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Termites are a problem that should be disclosed before purchasing a home. Whether past or present, they can cause serious damage to the integrity of the home. So, what does this have to do with move-in ready homes? Real estate of this type gets its name because (by law) it is structurally sound and meets all code requirements. If the dwelling is not deemed as livable, then it can’t be classified as turn-key condition. This is an important detail that separates move-in ready homes from other listed homes. There are no surprise bug conditions to worry about, as all characteristics of the home are listed as a mandatory measure.


As a fully functional dwelling, you can expect a move-in ready home to be a long-term investment. From top to bottom, it is ready to rock and roll the moment the keys hit your hands. Buyers that have big home improvement plans can get started immediately with the proper paperwork. You’ll deal with less delays and red tape with these projects since the home is already up to code. And if the home is in a decent area, then the actual value of your house will go up after completion of the project. No one likes delays on their dreams, and that is exactly why a move-in ready home exists.

Are You Ready?

Don’t let indecision become a hassle that prevents you from buying a home. Move-in ready properties are going fast, and they won’t be around forever. Think of it as a best of both world’s purchase, where the seller and the buyer get what they want.