Most common AC problems you could face

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Most people only think about using their air conditioner when the weather is hot, however, your AC unit works diligently throughout the year to ensure you are comfortable. This is why it is important to know what the most common air conditioning problems are and how you can fix them. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common issues facing AC owners from strange noises to your AC not turning on and even water leaking from your air conditioning system to name a few.

Most common AC problems you could face

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AC not turning on

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where your air conditioner won’t turn on. You might even turn on the thermostat to a lower temperature but find that this still doesn’t work. This issue often happens when a circuit breaker is tripped or could be because of loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. If this happens to you, no don’t attempt to repair the wiring yourself; instead, contact a professional like Classic Air Conditioning & Heating in New Braunfels, who has access to specialized electrical equipment that will enable them to diagnose whatever electrical problem you happen to be facing. To prevent this, invest in routine maintenance for your AC.

AC making strange noises

If you suddenly hear strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from your AC, this is a signal that something is wrong. Any strange vibrational sounds, squealing, or grinding sounds are an indication that something is urgently wrong and needs to be fixed immediately. The main cause for these strange noises can be linked to a poorly aligned or worn-out belt. Grinding noises are especially dangerous because they indicate that there is an issue with the motor bearing. When you have these problems fixed, the noises should go away. Regular maintenance services are necessary because technicians can check belts and lubricate the bearings which protect the compressor motor.

Most common AC problems you could face - repairman

AC leaking water

Another common issue is refrigerant or water leakages. Refrigerant leaks are a challenge to spot because they typically appear in the coolant lines however, you should keep an eye out for brightly colored stains near the AC unit which will signal a problem. Excessive moisture is a sign of leaking water which can be caused by the lines and connections in the system degrading over time. Another cause could be blocked drainage pipes and faulty condensate pumps. If you notice any leaking, you need to first turn your AC off and then contact a professional service like an AC Repair San Marcos TX because that’s the only solution to the problem. When refrigerant levels are low, the compressor can become severely damaged which is very expensive to replace. The best way to detect issues is regular maintenance.

AC constantly running or not cooling properly

Even if your AC is running more than usual as it would during the summer months, it should still turn off from time to time. It’s essential to fix an AC that won’t turn off because this will help you protect vital components as well as prevent your energy bill from being high. Many causes can contribute towards an AC not switching off such as a problem with the thermostat, air filters, electrical parts, or compressor. A solution is to turn your thermostat fan off and if this does not turn your AC off, seek help from a professional. Another issue is not having any cool air flowing which is mostly due to a tripped circuit and the blower belt is worn out and needs replacing. This is an easy problem to fix and just needs a regular system tune-up by a professional.

Frozen AC coils

Sometimes you might notice ice forming around the AC coil. This indicates that the system is overworking to keep your home cool. It is not normal for the coil to freeze, even when it works hard. The freezing is usually a result of dirty air filters or the condenser unit making the AC work extra hard to cool the air. The solution is to call an expert and have them check your blower fan, condenser, or dust. Sort this out as soon as possible to avoid a high electric bill.

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