Understanding the Various Mortgage Options for Home Buyers

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A large number of first-time Louisiana home buyers experience a common hardship- not being backed by large sums of money to purchase the home of their dreams. Tradition dictates that you show an attractive amount of cash or, at the very least, present an enticing deposit. Unfortunately, unless you came across a significant inheritance or are born into wealth, not everyone can afford this.

Understanding the Various Mortgage Options for Home Buyers

Fortunately, there are multiple mortgage options for home buyers, which can turn your dream into reality.


Louisiana is home to approximately 4.649 million. According to data by TownCharts, between the years of 2010 to 2014, 34% of renters moved into the state. The number has been steadily increasing since the late 80s. In part, due to the lower cost of living, a growing economy, and one of the most vibrant and well-natured cultures in the entire nation. This and more reasons make purchasing a property in the state a worthy investment. If you are one of the millions looking at making the change and moving into the state, you can use the following mortgage options to buy a home.

Reverse Mortgage

Also known as a Home Conversion Mortgage, this option is popular with elderly retirees who own a home but lack enough cash to sustain ownership. With this plan, you can receive monthly payments from a  mortgage lender or access a credit line.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

What makes this mortgage attractive is that the interest rate remains the same during the loan’s longevity. Additionally, it typically requires lower down payments- making it attractive to first-time homeowners.

Understanding the Various Mortgage Options for Home Buyers - signing

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Contrary to the former option, this kind of mortgage varies following the prevailing market conditions, economic policies, etc. As such, you can expect the interest rate to fluctuate over the years. Ideally, only individuals with a lasting stable financial income would find this mortgage attractive. Nevertheless, this option presents borrowers with the most number of homes with the least initial payment- most of the times lower than fixed-rate home loans.

Balloon Mortgages

Under Balloon mortgages, the monthly payment and interest remain the same during the loan’s initial term. In some cases, the initial term could be negotiated by the lender and borrower. Once the term is complete, the loan may be reset to a fixed rate. This is particularly useful to homeowners planning on selling their property before the end of the loan term.

Government Loans

Unlike conventional mortgages, this type of Government mortgage comes with government backing. These types of loans fall under three categories VA, FHA, and USDA. Across all states, the Development of veterans Affairs and the Federal Housing Administration assists individuals and families with moderate to low income with loans to finance their dream homes. As a result, it’s easier to apply and qualify for this loan than conventional mortgages.

Once you have understood the mortgage options for home buyers and have made your pick, you need to know the interest rates, initial cost, and loan duration. Understanding these points is critical to ensuring you meet your monthly payments.

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