Modern Design Ideas That Will Improve Your Bathroom

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Although every part of the house is worthy of an upgrade, the bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is a place where you start and end your day. It is not only room for necessity but also relaxation.

Modern Design Ideas That Will Improve Your Bathroom

There are a lot of ways to improve your bathroom. The modern look is a trending style these days, and you might like to apply it to the room. The contemporary look is minimalist but aesthetic. It is easy to achieve with some of these ideas.

Wood Accents

When you think of modern, it does not entirely give that relaxing vibe you want your bathroom to have. However, modern can be warm with a touch of natural elements. Using wood materials for beams, vanity, shelves, cabinets, and racks will be a beautiful accent to elevate the modern look. Your bathroom could be looking plain because the whole room is wrapped in tiles. Adding wood materials can bring a different texture to the design. You can find some great ideas by going to Unique Vanities. They have many styles of wood vanity units you can add to spruce up the wood. Adding a wood-framed mirror would also accent the room.

Accent Wall

Bathrooms are not only designed to be functional but also aesthetic. They are usually boring-looking, but this can be changed when you improve your bathroom walls, also, you can be bold in your designs by creating an accent wall to brighten up the room. Accent walls are a great way to elevate the style while keeping the minimalist look. You can put the accent wall across the door so that it is the first thing you will see when you enter the room. It is usually placed on the shower walls to highlight that area.


If you are having trouble deciding what to do because you are overthinking about adding different elements to improve the room, you can go back to the basic design – tiles. You have to keep in mind that modern means simple, so you do not have to give yourself a hard time. Just with tiles, you can bring different elements to the room. Tile options are endless; you can choose from different shapes, colors, and themes. Aside from these, you can play around with how the layout will be. Geometrical shapes play a significant role in achieving a modern look. You can place subway tiles diagonally to get away from the traditional look. You can also opt to use other tile shapes like hexagons.


Being modern is about creating something new and thinking outside the box. When you think of the shower room, you think of tiles, but you can opt for other materials like wallpaper. Putting wallpaper in your bathroom is a quick and easy upgrade. Wallpaper is a cheap alternative for concrete, tiles, wood, and other material. Several minimalist wallpaper designs can mimic these. There are also textured options that can spice up the room.

Floating Vanities

Another element in a contemporary design is the space. It has to look spacious and clean. A practical way to achieve this is by installing floating vanities. Since they are suspended in the air, there is more floor space. It will also add to the modern look if you put in light below the vanities to emphasize floating.

Modern Design Ideas That Will Improve Your Bathroom - floating vanities


Modern hack to upgrade your bathroom is by incorporating different metals. Metals will add a new layer to the overall design. It can be used as accents and highlights to create a more finished look. Keep in mind to add metals in small doses in a variety of areas. For example, you can use chrome showerheads and faucets, then use brass for the light fixtures.

Small Details

The finishing touches and small details will take the design to another level. These details are what usually solve the common challenges or problems when creating a modern design. Modern designs may lack color and feel rigid or too sterile. Since the room may be filled with sharp lines and edges, add curves by putting candles on the vanity table to soften the look. You can also opt to hang an oval or a circle mirror. To add color, you can use flowers or even put in a colored frame to your mirror.

You can even change how your bathroom looks as simple as customizing shampoo and conditioner bottles. Keeping the room tidy and organized will aid in making the space more pleasing. These might seem like a minor deal, but they can significantly impact the overall design. A modern design is what you need for your bathroom if you like a simple, minimalist, and clean look. However, modern look is not limited to these adjectives. It can still be bold, warm, and inviting. With these design ideas, your bathroom can have a makeover that it truly deserves. Using different materials and being creative on how you will use them will make your modern design successful. Do not also forget about the small details and finishing touches that will unify the whole look.

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