The Best Mobile Scaffold Hire Rates in Australia

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The majority of construction workers will work at a height on nearly every site, and it is vital to know the correct platform height they need. Hire rates vary depending on the types of scaffold, but for those working on a residential site, mobile scaffolding is the way to go. Mobile scaffolding towers are beginner-friendly products that are great for DIY home improvements around the house. Many wholesalers offer scaffold hire, which adds to their accessible and cost-effective nature. The handyman team has compiled data on the standard rates to expect from wholesalers when hiring scaffolding. We also give an idea of terms and conditions to watch out for and when you are paying above the commercial hire price.

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With our research and price comparison, you can prepare and budget for your next scaffolding job.

Mobile Scaffold Hire Prices

platform height and safe working load determine scaffold hire rates. Light-duty capacity is 225kg while medium-duty holds 450kg, the latter using two platforms instead of one.

In this article, scaffolding costs are determined in weekly rates.

2M Platform

Hiring single-width towers will put you back $168 on average, with the top price reaching $240. Double-width counterparts cost an average of $205, with the top supplier charging $280.

3M Platform

Scaffolding at this height is strangely difficult to find. The supplier we found offering hire charge $280 and $320 for single-width and double-width, respectively.

4M Platform

The single platform towers cost an average of $249, with the highest supplier charging $290. The wide tower standard rate is $298, with $340 being the top end.

5M Platform

Fewer wholesalers offer hiring equipment at this height. The reason is that licenced professionals are required to erect scaffolding with a platform height of four metres or above. Average hire rates for single platforms are $300 a week with anything above $320 not recommended. Double-width hire rates are $354 on average with the most premium competitors hiring at $380 a week.

6M Platform

Only double-width towers are on offer for platforms at this height. Rates can vary, with the lowest found at $360. Meanwhile, the more premium brands charge $490 a week.

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Benefits of Using Mobile Scaffolding Towers

In a profession as dangerous as the construction industry, mobile scaffolding offers an array of benefits for a hazardous job.

Stable Surface

Aluminium scaffolding often provides stability over ladders on uneven ground. Towers increase overall safety and reduce the risk of falls compared to ladders.


The aluminium material of mobile scaffolding makes it easy to transport across a house or between multiple sites.

Easy Assembly

The modular equipment and instructions make erecting scaffold a cakewalk. The minimal components mean it is also time-saving for assembly and dismantling.

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When Should I Buy or Hire Scaffolding?

The following are questions you should ask yourself before making a financial decision.

How long is the job?

It’s possible with a DIY job that you require mobile scaffolding for multiple tasks across a prolonged period. The cost to hire can exceed buying a tower outright for lengthy maintenance work or building. This is common for tradesmen who are in the construction industry and are not carrying out a once-off task.

How Often do I Use Scaffolding?

Tradesmen working at heights will constantly require a stable platform with railing to protect against falls. The cost of time, money, and hassle are all arguments against scaffolding hire. Eventually, hire costs would overtake the wholesale price, and fuel or delivery charges accumulate. Purchasing a tower removes constant trips from the site to the warehouse and saves money on the tower itself.

What am I Using The Mobile Scaffolding For?

Every construction site and job varies. Tradesmen approach work differently including how they treat equipment. If you are keenly aware that you or the worksite you are on is rough on the tools, Buying a scaffold is the better option. Many wholesalers require a security deposit to ensure the safe return of their product in the same condition they lend it. Any damage to the tower can result in a loss of a portion or the entire deposit. You may find it more suitable to buy, complete the task, and then sell second-hand to recoup the cost depending on the condition. Deciding which course of action to take depends on your assessment of a worksite and how you will use the scaffold.

In Summary

Mobile scaffold towers are a great tool and a safer alternative to ladders. The scaffolding hire rates presented above will help you spend your money wisely. The bigger the tower, the more important it is to be wary of price gouging. It is vital to ask yourself how often you will use a tower to ensure you grab one at the best value possible.

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