5 Common Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician

The electrician is a critical part of the electrical wiring system of your home. This professional is responsible for electrical design, installation, repair and safety. Keep in mind that not all electricians adhere to the same standards of safety and ethics. And this makes it quite easy for errors to pop up while you try to figure out who to hire.

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician

To help you avoid the common mistakes that could lead to faulty or incomplete work, here’s a guide on the 5 common mistakes to avoid when hiring electricians in Jacksonville.

#1 Failure to Verify their Qualifications

Failure to verify if the electrician you plan to hire is authorized to do electrical repairs and installations is one of the gravest mistakes you can do. Make a point of checking every document presented to you and verify that the person you intend to hire is certified to perform the job. Some of the important things to verify include their licenses, certificates, insurance, and experience.

#2 Failure to Get a Quote

Don’t assume anything when it comes to getting a quote on the price and the scope of work. If you don’t get a definitive quote in advance, then the electrician you will hire might start asking for additional fees after offering the service and you will be left with no recourse but to pay the amount that he/she will demand. So, make sure that you clarify payment amount, methods, and schedule before you give the technician a go ahead to do the job.

#3 Ignoring Customer Reviews or Feedback

Try to make an effort to check if your prospective electrical technician has some positive reviews or recommendations from previous customers. look for customer reviews or testimonials to see their views on the technician’s services. Reviewing customer feedback will give you a clear picture of how professional, reliable, and professional they are.

#4 Failure to Ask About Emergency Availability

Don’t make the mistake of failing to ask the electrician you intend to hire about his/her availability in case of emergency situations. The person you plan to give the job should be available on prompt call too. Electrical hitches related to wires, appliances and circuits can occur at any time and may require urgent attention. During such circumstances, the electrician should be a call away.

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring an Electrician - poor wiring

#5 Failure to Ask for a Written Contract

Most people agree only upon the quote provided by the electrical technician. However, that is not enough if you want to avoid misunderstandings and costly problems. The best approach is to have a written agreement that includes the cost and scope of the work, and any other essential details.

Final thoughts

As someone who is in need of electrical services, you must know that there are a number of things to look out for. As long as you know what these red flags are then the chances of getting scammed will be low. You need to look for a technician with a valid license and meet them in person. Never work with one that is far away from your location; it is best if they are close by so you can check their license plate as well as their business license. Since you will be speaking to the technician via phone, double check the number that is given to you before making any calls. This way you can confirm that you are indeed speaking with the technician and not a scammer. Any technician will tell you that they do not ask for card details or access information over the phone and any request to do so should raise a red flag. Also, make sure to check if the technician is bonded or insured before letting them do any work for you.

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  1. Victoria Addington

    Thank you for the reminder that it’s crucial to confirm an electrician’s credentials before hiring them. As you stated, it is preferable to carefully review each document that is provided to you to ensure that the applicant is qualified for the position. I’ll definitely let them know about this since my mother has been preparing to build a new lighting system, so they can keep it in mind. I’ll look into qualified electricians who could assist her as well.

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