Memory Foam Mattress – A Memorable Nights Sleep

Memory Foam Mattress - A Memorable Nights Sleep

Sweet dreams are hard to come by in the modern world, with so many outside influences draining our energy and taking up our time, our evening rest is more at risk of disruption than ever before.

But what is the secret to a good nights sleep? How can we best influence our environment to make for the best slumber possible? Well, it might just come down to getting the right mattress.

Given that we spend a third of our lives laying in bed, it stands to reason that we would want the best options available to us when it comes to our comfort and back support. After all, what makes a good night sleep so great is the feeling of floating in warm, comfy sheets; the lure of sleep easing the aches and pains from the day, gradually drifting of…

If this is your idea of heaven then it might be time to consider getting a memory foam mattress. Using a material called viscoelastic, a memory foam mattress is able to mold itself to the contours of the body, offering that much-needed support whilst you sleep. The memory foam also had the added bonus of always retaining its shape, so there is no likelihood of bulging or dips occurring in the mattress over prolonged periods of use.

A memory foam mattress offers snoozers the best comfort as it forms to your body no matter how much you roll around and move in your sleep. Without hard springs pressing into your back with wear and tear, the foam offers smooth comfort, supporting your body and allowing you to find the snuggest sleeping position for the best nights rest.

As with any new mattress purchase, however, don’t just take someone elses word for it. It is highly beneficial to always go and test out a new mattress prior to purchase, as sleeping comfort is a very subjective reality. What someone else might fight blissful may give you the most dismal nights sleep, so always check for yourself.

However not everything is heavenly about memory foam, and like a lot of things, there are pros and cons to this type of purchase. For instance, the way viscoelastic works is by softening against force and also heat. As our bodies are a natural source of heat, one of the benefits is the mattress will soften and form around us as we lay on it. However, this can also be uncomfortable in very warm temperatures, so is something to consider. It is also due to this that memory foam is not recommended for babies or infants.

And if at any point during the buying process you are still unsure if the mattress is right for you, ask the salesperson if there is a trial period. Some stores offer a comfort guarantee, often something like a fortnight to a mouth so that you can be assured that you’ll get along with the new mattress, or else they will take it back or swap it for another.

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