How to Measure Your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher

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Dishwashers come in standard sizes, and some feature adjustable feet for more or less height. The height and depth are often standard, but the width varies greatly. Homeowners should measure the opening and choose the right size for efficient installation and functionality. The right size also reduces breakdowns and makes dishwasher repair easier when you need to remove and reinstall the unit.

How to Measure Your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher

Here’s how to measure a kitchen for a new dishwasher:

Measure the Rough Opening 

The rough opening is the space where the dishwasher will fit. It should be a little broader and taller than the dishwasher but just enough to accommodate a perfect installation. If the kitchen already features a rough opening, it is crucial to determine the required height, width, and depth. New kitchen owners can review the dishwasher sizes first and then design the kitchen to fit their desired choice. Below are the three dimensions to measure:

  •    Width –Measure from cabinet to cabinet using a measuring tape and leave a little room on each side to avoid a tight fit.
  •    Height –Use the same measuring tape to measure from the floor to the lowest point of the countertop.
  •    Depth –Measure from the furthest point (back) of the dishwasher opening to the front of the cabinets. The dishwasher door will extend slightly past the cabinets and requires clearance space in front for loading and unloading.

Key Considerations for Kitchen Measurement

When measuring the height, width, and depth, adding more clearance for corner locations is important. The clearance inches required vary depending on the dishwasher size, but two inches works for most standard units. Adding two inches of clearance prevents the dishwasher door from hitting the wall/cabinet when fully open. Here are two more key considerations:

  •    Keep the Motor off the Floor:The dishwasher motor shouldn’t touch the floor of the opening, so make sure to pinpoint the location of the motor. Loose, uneven tiles, carpeting, and all obstructions that can cause the motor to touch the floor should be removed before installation.
  •    Examine the Opening Flooring:Some kitchen flooring doesn’t cover the space under the opening, which can add more height. If that’s the case, purchase dishwashers with adjustable wheels to make up the extra inches. Other kitchens have double flooring and shorter opening heights.

Measuring a kitchen for a new dishwasher will ensure the unit fits in perfectly with enough clearance and space. Proper measurement will result in easy installation and removal and protect the dishwasher from shifting position within the opening. After installation, there’s no need to adjust the space unless it’s too tight or large for the unit.

How to Measure Your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher - measuring

What You Need for Measurements

A tape measure is everything needed to measure the kitchen opening and compare dimensions with standard dishwashers. The best option is a contractor’s tape measure with specific measurements and fractions used to describe standard units. Some people need something to record the measurements, like a notepad or piece of paper or phone. Recording measurements is as simple as typing them on a phone or noting them down and taking a photograph.

Can Dishwasher Repair Affect Measurement?

Some repair services involve removing and dissembling the unit. Fixing everything back to position can result in slight changes in dimension if non-experts handle the job. Working with reputable dishwasher repair companies comes with none of these concerns. The repair service shouldn’t cause any dimension changes, but owners need enough kitchen clearance for quick dishwasher access and removal when it comes time to repair.

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