How to Measure and Install Square Chair Leg Caps

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If you have come across this page, you are probably on your next DIY project—installing chair leg caps. Well, you have come to the right page! If you keep reading, you will find out how to measure and install square chair leg caps to your furniture to protect your investments. Furniture can scratch and cause damage to floors, especially on hardwood floors. The best way to prevent that from happening is to install or insert chair leg caps on your furniture. Chair leg caps serve as shields between your furniture legs and your floor. They are extremely helpful in preventing the legs of your furniture from wearing out and protecting your gleaming hardwood floors from scratches and damage. They simply increase the longevity of your wood floors by placing them on the legs of the furniture.

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They also allow furniture to glide smoothly when you pull or drag them across the room—no more ear-piercing sounds! To ensure their highest quality materials and durability, they undergo extensive testing. Chair leg caps are quite popular among homeowners and are also great for classrooms and offices. Plus, they are easy to install. You will be able to take a breather once you have installed chair leg caps on your furniture. No more stressing out about the scratches and damages on your floor and furniture. Square chair leg caps are not manufacturer specific, which means these caps are not used for only a specific manufacturer. Therefore, you should be able to easily get the right chair leg cap size for your furniture.

How to measure square chair leg caps

For a perfect fit, square chair leg caps should be used on chairs that have square legs. To measure your square chair leg cap, ensure your square chair leg opening is restored to its original size and is completely square in shape. Damaged or chipped-off chair legs from overuse make it hard to install leg caps. You should get the inner measurements of the chair leg, from side to side, so that you will know what leg cap size to buy. Square leg chairs should obviously have the same measurement on both sides. You can use a tape measure or ruler, and be sure to measure it with precision. For chair leg caps that fit on the outside of the chair leg, simply get the outer measurement of the leg. You will be able to get the right size of the chair leg cap.

Now that you have measured the size, which type of chair leg caps should you use?

There are chair leg caps that are solid, and they have to be hammered in. You can also find multi-gauge chair leg caps with flanges that flex and bend, which help make installation much easier.

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How do you install square chair leg caps?

For starters, make sure you have bought the right size for chair leg caps. For metal chair legs that are worn out, you may have to coax the legs to help bring back their original shape. With the use of a screwdriver, trace the inner hole repeatedly to lift any fragments out of the way. Grind it out firmly and get as many metal fragments as you can until the leg hole expands to its original shape. Other than that, installation should be simple and easy—push the square chair leg cap into place. If you find it a bit difficult to push down further, you can tap it with a hammer. Try dipping them in hot water for chair leg caps that fit outside the chair leg frame. This hack will make them very flexible and easy to slip on. You can also just press the chair leg cap in to start it off and then use a hammer to finish it off for a more secure fit. There is really no difference between installing chair leg caps that fit inside the leg hole and chair leg caps that fit outside the leg frame.


Scratch marks and furniture marks do not look good on wood flooring. Furniture can leave permanent marks on your wood floors. Also, the furniture’s leg itself will wear down, especially from constant moving. Thankfully, chair leg caps help increase the furniture’s longevity as well as the floor surface where the furniture stands. The chair leg caps’ secured fit ensures they stay in place even if you move the furniture quite often. For square leg chairs, you will want to use square leg caps. High-quality chair leg caps last long, but eventually, after they have served their purpose well enough, they will wear down over time. Do not wait for long before you replace them, or you will have to deal with chipped furniture legs or scratches on floors.

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