What is a Maze Compost Tumbler and Its Benefits When Using?

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Many people engage in composting to naturally recycle waste materials in their homes. Suppose you want to adopt this method as well, but the idea of constructing a compost bin and routinely shifting scraps flusters you. If that’s the case, you want to consider utilizing a compost tumbler. There are a variety of compost tumblers available on the market today. Some you’ll see rotating on a base, while others require rolling on the garden soil. Thaere are also some that you need to turn with a handle. However, what’s common with all kind of this equipment is that they generate compost more quickly as compared to a bin.

What is a Maze Compost Tumbler

Even if you’re a newbie to the process, assembling and operating a tumbler is straightforward—plus it gives you terrific mulch. This article will highlight what is a Maze compost tumbler and the benefits of using it.

What is a Compost Tumbler?

A Maze compost tumbler is a robust barrel you can rotate to combine your compost materials. Designed in Australia, the tool features solid and zinc powder-coated frames, multiple air vents, and a divider to create two split containers. These compartments confine the heat produced by the composting method and, in return, hastens the process of turning scraps into compost. Remember, though, compost bins are different from tumblers. People set traditional bins on the ground and they also feature open bottoms.

Benefits of Using a Compost Tumbler

Indeed, composting involves lots of physical work, no matter what equipment or method you use. However, the benefits they offer beats all the negatives. Take a look at the benefits of using a compost tumbler listed below.

  • Rodent-Free

Are raccoons, rats, and other pests an issue in your garden or backyard? With a compost tumbler, you’ll never have to worry about rodents. Since they’re built from metal and hang from a frame, these vermin will not be able to access them and will become dissuaded from trying. You can compost waste like fat, meat, and fish without worrying that rodents will take them because of these features.

  • Reduces Back Problems

With the compost tumbler’s convenient setup, you can reduce back problems due to pushing or reaching for tools on the ground. With its simple gear and crank mechanism, you can rotate the handle without much effort. Additionally, there’s plenty of space underneath so that you can slide your compost bucket or cart at the bottom of the tumbler.

What is a Maze Compost Tumbler - wheelbarrow

  • Fast Results

Lastly, while you can make use of compost from piles or bins in a few months, utilizing a compost tumbler will give you usable materials in roughly six to eight weeks. See to it, though, you carefully follow the instructions that come with the equipment. Furthermore, area temperature, plus the right amount of nitrogen and carbon, impacts the process’s speed. If you reside in a region with a cold and wet environment, composting will take drastically longer than the length it would normally take to complete the process. Not quite sure if the compost tumbler fits your need? Watch this and see what others are saying about the product:

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In essence, using a compost tumbler offers numerous rewards, which is why a significant number of people have adopted it in their homes. Whether you’re dealing with garden or food waste, what’s excellent about the tumbler is that it encourages you to get rid of all of your scraps organically. Most of all, it allows you to produce a useful material that helps you to tend to your lawn and garden.

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