How To Maximize Your Walk-In Wardrobe

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The square footage does not measure a good wardrobe: how well you use the available space matters.  Even the biggest walk-in wardrobes can be small when the space available is not maximized. If opening your built-in wardrobe each morning unleashes a landslide of clothes, or you need to rummage through your entire wardrobe to find that dress that fits, there’s hope for you.

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While everyone seems to have more than their wardrobe can take, even the smallest of wardrobes has more room than you can imagine. Here are some ways you can maximize your built-in wardrobe and put that space to more efficient use.

Add closet shelves

If your closet can take up extra shelves, it is a great idea to add more shelves. Items like sweaters are best stored on open shelves. This helps prevent stretching when they are hung up.  Jeans are also best stored on open shelves. To make your wardrobe even better organized, use shelf dividers.  Get some cute baskets to store your loose accessories. The upper part of your closet is often underused. Adding in an extra shelf will make it easy to use, and you can store items you don’t use often.

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Make clever use of the corners in your closet

Corners, even in our houses, are usually dead space. They tend to get forgotten and never used. However, these spaces in your closet can be used in the most surprising of ways.  They can free up space for extra compartments and shelves. Consider using a corner carousel that rotates at 360 degrees to make the most use of corner space.  It will allow you to hang anything all-around your wardrobe.

Make the most use of hooks

Purses never seem to have a designated place in your closet. They are just a messy and disorganized pile on your wardrobe shelves. Use your wardrobe wall space to hang those purses. Get some cute decorative hooks, stick them on your closet walls on different heights, then hang your bags and purses. You can as well hang your jackets.  Your hooks can also be used for storing your jewelry too.

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Light it up

While a neat closet is a great thing, nothing good can come out of it if it is not well lit. You will always keep making a mess out of it because you can’t seem to find where you put your black pair of boots the last time you wore them. Closets with smaller hallway or deeper ones don’t usually allow enough light in from the bedroom. You need to properly light up your wardrobe to be able to see everything well. Ensure you have some beautiful lights in your closet to step it a notch higher. If some corners are not well illuminated even after installing those lights, you can add some extra light sources

Utilize your vertical space

A lot of wardrobes have a shelf that sits right over the clothes rods.  However, you can use the space to add in one more shelf high. Better yet, you can install another shelf over the door in your walk-in closet.  Those high shelves can be used for storing items that are not used often. To make the items easy to pick, store them in clear plastic boxes. Making the most of your walk-in wardrobe is an ongoing process because you will always need to keep things tidy all the time.  Just ensure you do not go overboard by adding too many features to your closets. It may cramp the closets, and they need enough air to circulate, which will keep your clothes fresh.

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