How to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

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The lawn and outdoor spaces around our homes are often the least used portion of our properties: but they also take up the most room. Instead of allowing these areas to go to waste, it’s important to stop and take your time to create a space that feels like an extension of your home.

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These are the top ways to maximize your outdoor living space and turn them into something fantastic.

1. Get The Most Out of a Balcony

Balconies are the unsung hero of outdoor home spaces! Here you can simply walk out from a bedroom and enjoy the fresh air or have an array of plants that brighten up the room. The balcony is an area that gives you a chance to boost your property’s aesthetic appeal while also introducing a space that’s easy to enjoy the outdoors in. Make sure to add some cozy furniture, a table, and possibly an overhanging roof on it to make it as comfortable as possible.

2. Add An Incredible Outdoor Kitchen

Kitchens are the hottest area when entertaining, so why not take it out where the party is? Outdoor kitchens give you a chance to create the meal of a lifetime while still talking to and dazzling your guests. It’s hard to do much better than that! When doing this, aspire to make it a kitchen that could outdo your interior kitchen without going over budget. This means adding good counters, a weatherproof oven and stove, and even a grill that could make anyone jealous.

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3. Move Past the Need for Grass

Grass is wonderful, but it takes a ton of time, water, money, and work. If you live in an arid environment, it gets even worse. Instead of allowing yourself to deal with this amount of stress, consider replacing live grass with artificial turf! Not only does this add value to the average home, but it gives you twenty years of no mowing, no aerating, weeding, or dealing with the allergies and stress that come with grass. Instead, you can focus on other home improvements and fun!

4. Consider Adding a Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks have taken off as one of the most popular spaces to get out and have fun. When you build this, use high-quality roof deck pavers, and set up comfortable weatherproof seating. People have to climb stairs to get up here, so make it a space that’s worth the trip. You can even add a covered outdoor-safe television or a grill to make the most of this. Safety bars and handrails are a must to make this safe. Rooftop decks are a fun and stylish way to make any home a little more exciting and a lot better for entertaining.

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5. Consider a Physical Activities Area

Is there a sport your family likes doing together? Maybe you’re into basketball, or you all love a good game of tennis. Why not consider adding an area to play? You might not be able to fit an entire court, but making a designated space for it can be fun and cause you to spend more time being physically active!

6. Weigh Adding a Pool or Water Feature

Pools can be a great way to add property value in some areas, but they’re a lot of work to build and maintain. Not only does it take weeks to months for the average DIY-er to build on, but it can take hours every week to clean, and make sure its water is as salted or chlorinated as you want. If you don’t mind all of the money and expense, this can be a great option! But make sure to plan thoroughly before you jump into it.

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7. Get Inspired With a Zen Garden Space

Gardens are important to making a yard feel a little more magical. A zen garden takes this further by purposefully making it a calming and relaxing area to be. By adding a stone garden, and some calming plants like lavender, you can inspire a sense of peace and tranquility here. Don’t be afraid to lean into the serene vibes!

8. Add an Awesome Firepit

A firepit is the best way to make the most of every season while also getting the best of your property. Adding a fire pit gives you a central area for entertaining, a space to gather with loved ones, or simply a calming area to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire. You can build this out of brick, metal, or stone and can have it in the ground or above ground, depending on your tastes. Make sure the rest of your yard leads the eye here through clever placement!

Your Home’s Exterior Should Amaze!

Whether this is your first big renovation or you’re finishing off an older property that needs help, consider some of these tips. Your home’s exterior will shine, and you’ll never want to go inside!

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