How Your Mattress Affect Your Health

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Getting the right amount of undisturbed sleep can offer both long-term and instant benefits to your overall well-being. Then again, the biggest concern affecting one’s ability to get quality sleep is one’s old, damaged, and uncomfortable mattress. If you have already forgotten when you bought your mattress, that can be a sign that you need a new one. It is not hard to find high-quality mattresses. You can order a custom made mattress that suits your needs and preferences.

How Your Mattress Affect Your Health

However, check out these facts if you are not entirely convinced that you need to ditch your old and damaged mattress:

Your old mattress might be the reason why you are snoring

Snoring is usually caused by the partial restriction of the upper airway located at the back of your mouth. To stop snoring, you have to keep your body and head well supported while you are sleeping. If your mattress is already old, it will naturally sag. The spring also starts to go. On top of that, the surface gets badly laden down with sweat and dust that accumulated throughout the years. As a result, the firmness dissipates. To remedy the problem, invest in a new, comfortable, and medium-firm mattress. This kind of mattress can help align your spine and distribute your entire body weight properly. All of these can help you stop snoring.

Your old mattress can also be the reason why you are suffering from allergies

You may have grown attached to your old mattress, but know that the dust, sweat, and allergens can trigger your allergies. An allergy is commonly caused by swelling and congestion in one’s throat, quickly disturbing one’s sleep. Allergies can also cause snoring. If you are still clinging to your old and weighed down mattress, prepare to suffer from asthma. Since it is highly recommended that people change mattresses once every six to eight years, it is an excellent reason to shop for a custom made mattress today.
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Your old mattress might be the reason why you experience cognitive problems

If you are not entirely comfortable sleeping in your old mattress, it is highly likely that your sleep will be disturbed. And if you always experience this, the part of your brain responsible for controlling accuracy and speed will be adversely affected. As a result, your ability to remember, create new ideas, and piece information together can become adversely impacted. MyNextMattress now stock the new range of Sealy Mattresses which are new to the market. The sealy mattress collections are backed by orthopaedic science to provide support where you need it most resulting in a better nights sleep and improved sleep health.

Your weighed down mattress can negatively impact your weight

Whether you believe it or not, the quality and amount of your nightly sleep can affect your weight. If you lack sleep, you can quickly feel drowsy. This drowsiness can, in turn, lead to avoidance of physical activities and healthy eating habits. Instead of going to the gym or cooking, you will opt to stay indoors or eat fast food. All of these can adversely impact your health; likewise, if you do not have enough sleep, the leptin levels in your body drop. As you know, leptin is responsible for making you feel full. So, if you are tired, you also feel like you are hungrier. It can make you crave high-calorie and high-fat food.

Sleeping adequately and getting undisturbed sleep offers many health benefits. It can improve your mental health, reduce your stress levels, make you happier, control your weight, and normalize your immune system. All of these excellent benefits start with sleeping in a comfortable, new, and durable mattress.

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