Ensure Safe and reliable Material Solutions sensors for Home Appliances

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Sensors are everywhere, even in our day-to-day usable home appliances. Starting from the refrigerator to dishwashers, dryers, air conditioners, etc. These sensors ensure the safety, reliability and energy efficiency of the appliance. That is why industries are producing and developing more better sensors every day.

Ensure Safe and reliable Material Solutions sensors for Home Appliances

Companies like omch providing the best sensors and applications have grown and reached almost every sector that uses them. The purpose of the article is to provide an in-depth look at how the sensors are applied in home appliances and how they make them safe and reliable.

Sensors in home appliances, their safety and reliability

Everything from your refrigerator to even the dishwasher has a sensor which makes the appliance safer to use and have a longer lifetime. These sensors keep the appliances running at full speed and ensure your safety if any part goes wrong in the device. For example, lets us look at your refrigerator for a start. If the temperature control sensor is not working properly then the fridge will either be too cold or too warm. That will make the food go bad quickly or make the food lose all of its nutrients. The sensors control these types of situations by keeping the temp inside the fridge stable at all times.

Another example could be your everyday washing machine. Sensors in this case are responsible for lid positioning, dial position, water level, detergent level and drum speed. If anything is out of order the sensors will pick it up and stop the process immediately to avoid any unnecessary malfunction.

Requirement for sensor materials

Material solution is the key to having reliable and safe sensors which meet specific requirements. Moreover, it is also a way to ensure the safety of the appliance and also makes it more reliable.

Tensile strength

  •         Notched sensitivity cracking reduced
  •         Fatigue performance for replaceable parts
  •         Meet the high torque requirements while installation with the combination.


  •         Many sensors sheath the sensor element
  •         No damage should be inflicted to the sensor or lead while sheathing
  •         A seal should be generated on these elements by the material.

High-temperature relaxation/ creep resistance requires a material solution, if the usage temperature is around -40°C up to 70°C and peek of 90°C.

Ensure Safe and reliable Material Solutions sensors for Home Appliances - induction stove

Appliances and sensors

Today’s smart and green appliances have state of the art sensors that can detect almost everything. Here are some appliances that we use in our day-to-day life with each description of each sensor installed in them.

  1.     Washing machine
  •         The water temp and heating elements are controlled by the temperature sensor.
  •         The water level is monitored by pressure sensors.
  •         Proximity sensors detect if the door is closed or not.
  •         The disbalance during the spin is detected by vibration sensors.
  •         When the clothes are drying in the machine, the humidity process is monitored by humidity sensors.
  •         Thermopile ensures overheating and fabric damage prevention.
  •         The payload weight is measured by the force sensors.
  1. Ovens
  •         The cooking temperature is monitored by a temperature probe.
  •         The glass surface temp and hot indication light are monitored by temperature sensors.
  1. Dishwashers
  •         Spray and arm rotation is ensured by magnetoresistive sensors.
  •         The water temp and heating element are controlled by the temperature sensor.
  •         The water level and detergent dispenser level is measured by the liquid level sensors.

These are some appliances that we have in our home and the sensors built-in in the devices ensures the safety and also makes the machine more reliable.


Sensors are involved in our day-to-day life whether we know it or not. Starting from our regular refrigerator to even the cooking oven has so many sensors that ensure the best performance and safety that you can imagine. That is why the material solution is the way to go for sensors to ensure the appliance are safe and reliable.

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