5 Ways to Manage Your Costs When Buying Power Tools

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With numerous power tools available across a wide range of price points, it can be difficult to get the right balance between buying the best value at the best price.

5 Ways to Manage Your Costs When Buying Power Tools

However, there are ways you can manage your expenditure on these tools.

Tap into Loyalty Programs

Like airlines, retailers and hotel chains, some tool manufacturers have loyalty programs. You are rewarded each time you purchase an item from a specific brand. The programs are not tied to any one retailer. You earn points irrespective of whether you buy hardware online or at a brick-and-mortar store. Thereafter, you can redeem the points toward exclusive promotions, special offers, new tools or branded merchandise.

Get Combo Kits

If you plan to replace several older pieces or complete your toolbox, package deals or combo kits would be the way to go. These allow you to buy multiple tools at one time and at a significant discount. You may find that you spend as much as 30% less than you otherwise would have if you had bought the tools separately. Combo kits can be especially convenient when you are buying cordless tools. You would usually need just a single charger and battery for tools with the same charging station, which is cheaper than buying a charger and battery for each tool.

Stick to a Single Brand When Possible

Once you have entered a manufacturer’s ecosystem by buying several tools, it is cheaper and easier to buy tools of that same brand. If you go for tools from multiple manufacturers, you could run into costly compatibility problems. Once again, this is an important point in the context of cordless tools. A manufacturer will often develop a universal charger and battery pack that can be used on any of its power tools. With just one kind of charger, you can power everything from a drain auger to a weed trimmer to a hammer drill. If your toolbox currently contains tools from multiple brands, identify your favorite and stick with it for all future purchases. It will save you cash and hassle over time.

5 Ways to Manage Your Costs When Buying Power Tools - power tools

Shop During the Biggest Sales Seasons

Power tools often go on sale on the days leading up to Christmas and Father’s Day. Many people are often not aware of the extent to which the tools can be discounted. You can enjoy discounts as high as 60% off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Certain specialty tools have their own sales season. For instance, woodworking tools often go on sale during February and March since many people are working indoors at the time. If you do not need that power tool urgently, consider holding off your purchase until a time of year when the prices are much more affordable.

Buy What You Need

Once you gain an interest in do it yourself (DIY), it is easy to find yourself accumulating numerous power tools and gadgets. The thought is that at some point, you will need to use them. It is only after months or years you realize that the overwhelming majority of the tools are in pristine condition because they have never been used. Before you go shopping for power tools, it is important that you take a step back and ask whether you really need them. Even when you do need a tool, you do not have to buy the professional or industrial version, as this might be too much for what you need.

Good to Have, But at the Right Price

Power tools are a must-have at home if you want to reduce the manual effort you need to accomplish certain tasks. They also reduce the need for you to call in a costly contractor to tackle something relatively minor. But the cost of power tools can add up quickly. Use these tips to keep your power tool costs low.

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