Makeup Airbrush Compressor Guide

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Makeup airbrush compressor guide

Every woman wants to look beautiful and keep up with all the latest trends. Talking of trends, Airbrush makeup is one of the latest trends in the market that is here to stay. The benefits that airbrush makeup has to offer are by far the best as compared to what the traditional makeups have to offer. Makeup artist who have been on the field long enough realize that you need to put some factors into consideration when choosing an airbrush compressor. If you want to get the perfect makeup airbrush compressor for your needs, check out the guide below.

Consider the airbrush compressor’s portability

For a makeup artist, you do not have the time or the energy to struggle carrying heavy objects. When considering an airbrush brand to buy, make sure that it is light and portable. When applying makeup, your compressor should make your work easier allowing you to do your work efficiently rather than making it hard by straining your muscles. The best brand of airbrush compressor should always have this factor in mind.

The airbrush compressor should be easy to store

Apart from being light and portable, the brand of your makeup airbrush compressor should always be easy to store. If you can store your compressor easily, it means using it is easier as well. As a makeup artist, opt for a brand of compressor that has features suitable for easy storage. Finding space to store your airbrush compressor should be the least of your problems.

Consider the airbrush compressor’s durability

As a makeup artist, you should not compromise on the quality and durability of your airbrush. For better and prolonged results, choose a brand that has a good reputation for delivering products with high durability rate. Having an airbrush compressor that you can use at any time is not only convenient but also gives you the confidence that it will not break or malfunction while working. In our experience, having a durable airbrush compressor means that you will be looking good for every occasion.

The level of noise that the airbrush compressor makes

Another thing to consider when choosing an makeup airbrush compressor brand as a makeup artist is the level of noise that the machine makes. It does not matter whether you are using the airbrush compressor to apply the makeup on your face or that of others. Having a compressor that makes little noise is inevitable because of the many health benefits that come with it. For instance, too much noise can cause discomfort, especially to the client if you are a makeup artist. Also, you cannot comprise about the level of noise that an airbrush compressor makes because the machine is used so close to the ears and can cause hearing problems if a person uses the wrong one frequently.

Makeup airbrush compressor guide - Tru airbrush kit

The Pressure of the Airbrush Compressor

When choosing the brand of an airbrush compressor as a makeup artist, we advise that you check its PSI levels or pounds per square inch to make sure that the machine adheres to the cosmetic guidelines. Checking the pressure of an airbrush compressor is very important especially for a makeup artist because the metric is responsible for controlling the projection of the pigment. If you want to have a quality makeup session, we recommend that you opt for a compressor with smaller PSI’s. They have a reputation for providing detailed services.

Other factors to consider when choosing an airbrush compressor brand includes its ease of use, ease of handling, ease of adjusting and ease of cleaning. The more these factors are in check, the higher your chances of getting quality services as a makeup artist.


It is true that technology is evolving fast and thanks to it, we now have airbrush makeups that have replaced the traditional ones. However, we are for the idea that when you are out to purchase an airbrush compressor (especially if you are a makeup artist), you must consider some factors first. These may include its pressure, ease of use, its portability and ease of storage among others.

The main purpose of this article is to be of inspiration to you. We hope it was to you and was worth your time. Please drop your comments below, and we’ll be sure to check them out.

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