How To Make Your Property Stand Out From The Rest On Airbnb

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You’ve listed your property on Airbnb – now you just need to make sure people notice. There’s a huge amount of things you can do to make your property stand out online, many of which can be done with a small amount of effort and a little DIY.
How To Make Your Property Stand Out From The Rest On Airbnb

See some of our top tips below:

Use A Lick Of Paint

It’s surprising what a little bit of sprucing can do! Tidying your home and refreshing some of the tired decor can go a long way when it comes to marketing your property online – and it’s very easy to do. A couple of weekends should be enough to make your property a bit more modern and aesthetically pleasing. The results will speak for themselves when the bookings roll in!

Choose A Theme

Be bold and take the opportunity when decorating to choose a theme for some of your rooms! Alternative and quirky decorations help your property stand out from the crowd, giving it a ‘novelty’ value that will help increase bookings. The more photo-worthy a room is, the more likely is it to be published by your guests on social media – giving it much needed awareness online.

Build A Focal Feature

Hot tubs, verandas, cinema rooms, roof terraces, standalone bathtubs, log fire burners, swimming pools, outhouses, garden swing benches…you name it, a focal feature makes your property extremely popular! Your next DIY project could be something that adds a huge amount of value on to your booking and gives you a stand-out description of your property.

Offer An Experience

Airbnb Experiences are the latest advancement on the ever-growing platform. Hosts can choose to offer an ‘experience’ alongside their booking, such as an event, local guided tour or watersports activity. Experiences are a great way to set your listing apart. If you need help setting up and running experience, you can get help from a specialist residential management company.

Put In An Extra Bed

Switch out your couch for a sofa-bed and hey presto – you’ve just increased the capacity of your home by an extra two people! You could increase the booking cost, or you could keep it the same and enjoy the extra popularity and advantage that your property has over many similar-priced homes in the areas.

How to make your property stand out from the rest on Airbnb - dining room

Write Some Persuasive Copy

Do you have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a front room? No, you have two spacious bedrooms, a modern bathroom equipped with both shower and elegance bath-tub and a sprawling living room that’s suitable for entertaining large parties. Your readers will be scrolling through countless listings, so why should they click on yours? Make the listing copy as descriptive and engaging as possible to catch their eye.

Give Them All The Information – And More

Users on Airbnb are looking for speed and convenience – so why not make it even easier for them? If you’re located in a capital city, like London, then your property will be attracting huge volumes of tourists. Tell them what key landmarks your property is near to, what restaurants and utilities are nearby, what the transport routes are like, how to get local train-stations and more – anything to stop them flicking between other properties as they plan their visit itinerary. Presenting yourself as a local tour guide and making everything simple nudges them one step closer to a booking. London residential services will be able to help you present your property in a way that will help you stand out online on platforms like Airbnb.

Get Some Professional Photographs

You’d be surprised at the difference a well-angled and lit photograph can make! Professional photographs can show off the highlights of your property and make the most of your space. Alongside other property listings, professional photographs will set your property apart. You can even take the photos yourself – just use a DSLR or something with a slightly better quality than your standard mobile.

Be Open To Four-Legged Friends

Landlords used to be strongly opposed to pets but, as time goes by, they’ve become increasingly tolerant of the four-legged family members. Making your property dog-friendly is a huge draw, particularly in areas where there are nice walks nearby. You can cover the risks by asking for a damage deposit, meaning you won’t be out of pocket for opening up your home!

Remember The Small Details

Stocking the fridge, leaving friendly and helpful notes, fresh beddings, towels and more – all of these little touches can take your guests’ experiences from good to great. If you don’t have the time to handle these additional touches yourself, you could invest in the service of a property management company – they handle guest communications and experiences to ensure your bookings run smoothly and give a memorable experience for your visitors!

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