How To Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

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Getting back home on a cold winter day is something that everyone wants. There can be nothing better than to get into the cosy warmth of your home, especially after a walk or drive from work. Imagine the scenario when you, as a homeowner, come home after a tiring, cold day only to once again face that same cold chilly feeling, even at home, knowing that your home is going to take a long time to actually heat up. It has been acknowledged that homeowners in the UK see a significant increase in the energy and electricity bills during the cold winter months since they generally operate their room heaters and air conditioning systems almost the entire day. Worst still, the home does not warm up adequately. This is a struggle for many homeowners during the winter months. However, this situation can be avoided.

How To Make Your Home Warmer This Winter

While heating the home is a critical decision, it is also vital to ensure that the best and most appropriate system is installed; otherwise, there could be a shortfall of over-design. However, there are certain elements you must consider before deciding on the boiler system. Usually, you would tend to shortlist the 5 best combi boilers before deciding. The most important aspects are the energy efficiency of the system, relative outage of power, and the correct capacity. Getting a subject matter expert’s help would be an excellent option since these combi boilers are grade-based. If an incorrect or wrong decision is made, it could adversely affect the utility and functional capability.

Why Does The Home Leak Hot Air?

Even with heaters working at peak levels in many homes, the overall heating tends to be low. This happens because there could be gaps and leakages in various corners and nooks of your home. It is also a known scientific fact that heat will typically rise and reach colder spots in the house. If a home does not have adequate leakage control, especially on roof structures and windows or doors, there will be heat loss, keeping the space cold. It is imperative to ensure proper sealing and insulation of gaps, leakages, crevices are adequately done. This will ensure that warmth from within the home is maintained and kept indoors.

How to Prevent the Leakage?

Once the significant gaps and leakage points in the home are patched, sealed and insulated, it would be necessary to look at the health of the heating systems installed. Today most homes use boilers. These could be central heating systems or stand-alone heaters. Basically, these boilers run the radiator system and its function and provide heated water to the different taps through pipes. The central heating system provides warmth for the entire home through a radiator network. These are critical to keeping your home warm and are therefore extremely important. Heated air and water in the house are generated, circulated, and controlled by the central heating system, which comprises a centrally located boiler and a distribution network. There are different types of boilers installed for this purpose, but the latest and best ones in use now are the combi boilers.

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What is a Combi Boiler?

As the name suggests, a Combi boiler is a system designed and engineered to deliver hot air and warmth to the home and deliver or distribute heated water to all the taps and showers. It combines both the water heating system and the central heating system into a unified system. This way, the system can manage the home’s heating and provide heated water at the same time and that too, through just one boiler system. It is a system that can actually work instantly and on-demand, as and when required.

It works online and is directly connected to the water mains, so it eliminates the need for extra storage tanks on both the inlet side and the delivery side. The system works directly on the water mains pressure, so the name is an on-demand boiler. Whenever hot water is required to be delivered by the system, it will simply use gas as the fuel and heat the water in the shortest possible time. Gas condensing combi boilers are best suited for providing warmth during the harsh winter months.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Combi Boilers For Winter?

A few advantages of using combi boiler systems for heating your home during winter:

  • Extremely compact
  • It can be quickly and easily installed
  • Energy efficient
  • High rate of hot water flowing through the system
  • No extra tanks and storage systems required
  • Wide choice of smart controls
  • Can replace any conventional system
  • Very cost-effective

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