Ways to Make Wooden Flooring Last Longer

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Wooden floors have long been viewed as the epitome of luxury housing. The reason is that they are expensive to both acquire and maintain. Hardwood is one of the oldest and most trusted flooring materials in the world. There are hardwood floors that are older than a century.

Ways to Make Wooden Flooring Last Longer

Such old wooden floors exist because of proper maintenance. The following are examples of ways to make wooden flooring last longer:

Proper Installation

If you want your wooden floors to last longer, you will have to get it right from the start. The manner in which the wooden floorboards are installed will have a significant effect on their longevity. The installers need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer when installing the floor. Moreover, poor installation may make the warranty null and void meaning you will have to pay for the repairs. The conditions of the room in which you install wooden flooring will be crucial as well. Too much heat, moisture, or light will cause the wooden floorboards to deteriorate.

Proper Maintenance

A great advantage of hardwood floors, or wooden floors in general, is that they require minimal maintenance. However, that does not mean any maintenance and the better you maintain the floor, the longer it will last. There are many facets as it pertains to the proper maintenance of wooden floors. The first one is cleaning them properly which is a must if you have wooden floors.

You should also apply polish to the wooden floors at least once every eighteen months. Having a protective layer on top of the floor will protect it from many things including spillage and scratches. Proper maintenance may include refreshing your wooden floors after a few years. It involves scrubbing the floor’s coating and then reapplying it.

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The common procedure is to buy generic wooden floorboards and have a professional install them. However, there is an option for customized floorboards that can last longer than generic ones. You can customize wooden floorboards in many ways including making them thicker. You will need to evaluate the options for custom carpentry available. It will not only have functional benefits but aesthetic ones as well. You should ask a carpenter as to which changes they can make to elongate the lifespan of the floorboards. Some creative actions may be detrimental to the lifespan of your wooden floors.

Buy the Right Products

If you want your wooden floors to last longer, you need to buy the right products. Only by investing in your wooden floors can they last longer. The first step is to purchase the highest quality wood available. A great example is oak floorboards which are dense, beautiful, and naturally last for a long time. you should always look for the best wood suppliers.

You should also buy the right products for the proper maintenance of the wooden floors. The wrong products will damage your floors reducing their longevity and making them more susceptible to future damage. There are several other things you can do to ensure your wooden floors last for as long as possible. Doing the above will be a great starting point and will substantially make your wooden flooring stronger.

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