How to make your property more energy efficient

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Energy efficiency in your home is not an insurmountable task and it’s not something that needs to set you back thousands of dollars. It’s something that can actually save you money in the long term and will significantly add to the resale value of your property.

How to make your property more energy efficient

So, what could you be doing today to save energy and money for tomorrow?


Bad insulation can lead to massive energy wastage, to the extent that getting proper insulation installed can save you hundreds of dollars a year depending on the type of property and where you live. With better insulation, you’ll rely less on heating and will use so much less as a result. Energy-efficient insulation shouldn’t end with your loft and your walls either. It can be as simple as hanging heavy curtains and running stick-on insulation down the side of your doors.

TIP: Insulation grants are available to homeowners under the ECO scheme. To find out how to qualify then  to read through Warma UK’s guide on who qualifies for an insulation grant.


Inefficient boilers could be adding hundreds to your heating bills every year and while an upgrade might be an expensive purchase it will future proof your home and add to its value. It’s estimated that boilers account for about 60% of a home’s carbon dioxide emissions so this is perhaps the most significant change you can make.

Natural light

You’ll save dramatically on lighting and heating if you can bring more natural light into your home and this can be achieved a number of ways. You could install a conservatory in your garden, for example, or invest in some larger bi-folding doors. Roof windows and skylights are a more dramatic option and VELUX windows and sun tunnels particularly are relatively affordable and easy to install in almost any situation.

How to make your property more energy efficient - energy efficient house

Water consumption

Baths and showers can waste a lot of water but there are ways to cut back that might not affect your wallet or your life as much as you’d think. If you take multiple baths a week, for example, consider only having one bath a week and showering for the rest of the week? Or maybe switch your shower head to a water-saving option, because some showers can actually use more water in five minutes than an entire bath!

LED lighting

LED lamps not only last a lot longer than their traditional cousins but are a lot more flexible too. You’ll notice the huge savings in your electricity bills within mere months. Trust us!

Solar panels

This is the big one to consider and is not an option to be taken lightly. Concerting your normal home into a solar powered one is not as difficult as you might think but it will set you back a fair chunk of change. There are several government incentives for improving your home in an eco-efficient way so this might help some way towards paying for the cost of installation solar panels too.

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