Top Tips To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Pests

Pests find certain homes more attractive than others and there are many reasons for that. We do everything that we can to make our homes look fantastic because we care about what the neighbours think. There are certain neighbours however that we couldn’t care less about how they feel and we encourage them not to visit. I am talking about pests that we have to deal with all around Australia every single day of the week. While you do make your home attractive for people, you need to make it unattractive for pests.

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If you see that certain pests like bees, rats, squirrels and pigeons are starting to make your home their home then it’s time to call out Brisbane’s pest doctors because these are the professionals that will help to rid you of these animals and insects so that you and your family can continue enjoying living your daily life. There are certain things that you can do yourself to make your home less attractive so that they won’t come to visit in the first place and the following are just some of those.

Don’t leave food around

Many Australian households have a cat or a dog that they feed on a daily basis. Sometimes animals don’t finish everything in their bowls and so this means there is extra food for any pests that would like to enjoy it. Insects like flies love to eat stale food as do pigeons, rats and mice.

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Block those gaps

In the wintertime, your home is cosy warm and the animals outside would like a piece of that. Now is the time to start looking for tiny holes in your screen door, other entry points around your door frames and anywhere else you feel that they may be able to make their way into your property.

Pay attention to your garden

If your trees or shrubs are getting somewhat thicker and dense then this is the perfect place for bees and wasps to make a new nest. Keep all of these areas cut back and this will help to keep them away.

If you would like some advice about other ways to keep pests away from your property then it is always a good idea to talk to the local pest experts who are more than happy to come out to your home to rid you of anything that you don’t want living there.

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