Major Renovation Projects That Will Definitely Increase Your Property’s Value

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There are many benefits to renovating your home, including added comfort, more space for you and your family, and an increase in the property’s value. If you choose the right renovations and complete them to a high standard, the extra value they can add to your home can far surpass the money that you spent on getting the work done. If you are looking to seriously increase your home’s value through renovation then it is vital to understand which projects will give you maximum return for your investment.

Major Renovation Projects That Will Definitely Increase Your Property's Value

This article is a guide to three major renovation projects that will add significant value to your property.

1. Replace the Roof

The roof is a key feature on any house, but it is criminally overlooked when it comes to renovations. A guide to roof replacement cost explains that having to replace a roof puts off potential home buyers because they believe it will be an expensive undertaking which ultimately results in a reduced value of your property. By making this renovation yourself, your home will have a brand new roof and the cost of the job will be easily covered by the extra money you can charge when potential buyers see you have recently replaced the roof and it is under a long warranty. If you are having problems with your roof such as water leaking through then it may be possible to just repair the problem. Make sure that you consult experienced roofing professionals who will be able to assess the damage and tell you whether a full replacement is needed.

2. Update the Electrics and Plumbing

Another excellent way to add value to your property through a renovation is updating all of the plumbing and electrics in your home. These are very important jobs because they are complex and invasive tasks. New homeowners do not want to move into a new house and then immediately go through the process of repairing all of the wiring and pipes so if you do it yourself, you make your home far more attractive on the market which will increase its value. After updating the electrics and plumbing, you will have certificates to show that the work is guaranteed, so potential buyers will know that they won’t have to address this for many years to come.

3. Renovate the Exterior

The first impression that potential buyers will ever have in your home is when they first see the exterior of your property. To maximize the value of your home, the exterior must look as great as possible to create a positive impression straight away. The great thing about renovating the exterior of a home is that it can be done very cost-effectively. A new coat of paint, on the doors and windows, and a bit of DIY landscaping in your front yard can be done throughout a weekend but can add serious curb appeal to your home.

Major Renovation Projects That Will Definitely Increase Your Property's Value - exterior

Renovation projects are a great way to get the maximum value for your property. Whether you are planning to put your home on the market imminently or are investing in the future, try out these tips and you will see some serious added value in your property.

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