Top Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Air Humidifier Last Longer

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Humidifiers are the best equipment for individuals who want to improve the air moisture in their homes. However, only maintained humidifiers work best. Humidifiers that are dirty or not maintained well can create a health risk and harm the environment. When you don’t clean your equipment, it emits harmful air particles, destroying your air quality. Maintaining the humidifier helps to reduce dangerous particles in the air and your body. How do you maintain a humidifier?

Top Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Air Humidifier Last Longer

Here are some expert tips that will make your air humidifier last longer.

Daily cleaning

Like other home devices, your air humidifier will gather dust and other dirt particles when in use. Some people will leave their humidifier not cleaned until when the dust shouts or when it stops working. It is advisable always to clean your humidifier daily, especially if using it regularly.  How do you clean a humidifier? First, it’s recommended to empty its tank every day. Wipe the tank with a clean cloth and then refill it with fresh water. Also, wipe on the surfaces to ensure they don’t accumulate dust or other unwanted particles. When you clean your humidifier daily, you make it work efficiently and also increase its lifespan. It also reduces the maintenance costs since you don’t have to call a technician to attend to it when damaged.

Check the filter

Some humidifiers come with a filter, while others do not. It is essential to check on your humidifier manual to see if it has a replaceable filter. When you can’t get the manual, you can check the humidifier for any door that covers a mesh material. That will be the filter. Some filters also slide out, and it is important to check for any button used to eject the filter. Ensure you change the filters regularly as required. What if it doesn’t have a filter? As evident at, there are different types of filterless humidifiers you can buy for your home. These require less maintenance as compared to the ones with filters. If you need to change the current one to filterless or already have one, it is important to follow its maintenance procedures as highlighted in the manual. Changing the filters prevents the growth of disease-causing microorganisms and bad air.


The world is not safe anymore. With the rising disease-causing organisms, including the COVID-19 virus, it is important to sanitize your house equipment and devices. Among those to be sanitized are the humidifiers. However, before carrying out the sanitization process, it is important to check on the device manual and follow it. Some manufacturers have strict guidelines on how to sanitize their humidifiers. When you can’t trace the sanitization procedure or lose the manual, you can use the simple sanitation process. This process involves filling the tank with white vinegar. Ensure the vinegar sits on the tank for over 20 minutes and then empty it before rinsing the tank. Sanitization helps to keep off the disease-causing microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Top Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Air Humidifier Last Longer - disinfecting

Monitor the device humidity levels

While sometimes having lots of steam in your house seems appealing, it has harmful effects on your lungs and equipment. The EPA recommendation is that you should keep your home’s humidity level at 50%. When it’s above 50%, such can aid bacterial and other disease-causing organisms’ growth. How do you effectively control your humidity levels? One way to do it perfectly is by installing a smart thermostat. The device enables you to control your humidity level, which will help you adjust the humidity levels promptly.

Weekly Descaling

You might be living in areas where water has huge concentrates of minerals and other impurities. When your humidifier is running, it might gather those particles and become crusty. One way to get rid of the crusty is by weekly descaling your humidifier. How do you do descaling? The process can be done efficiently using undiluted white vinegar, which removes the buildup scales. At times, you might not want to, or you might be too busy to do descaling. In such a situation, it’s recommended to use distilled water in your humidifier instead of the regular tap or well water. Distilled water is the most appropriate for humidifiers since it doesn’t have the unwanted particles present in tap water. When using tap water, such particles are released into the air, which might be harmful to your health.

Maintaining your humidifier is not a complicated process. However, most people usually neglect this, making their equipment fail to work correctly. When your humidifier doesn’t work as required, you are also putting your health at risk since you will be breathing bad air. Ensure you follow the highlighted tips to get the best from your humidifier.

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