7 Maintenance tips for composite decking

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Some people only think of their deck as an extension of their living spaces, while others think of it as the place where you can spend many joyful hours with your family and friends. Both types of people usually go for composite decking for their known durability through harsh winters and summers. However, this is only durable to a certain point; it definitely requires constant maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Maintenance Tips For Composite Decking

So what can we do to maintain our decking in perfect condition throughout the years? Here are the best 7 maintenance tips that you should always follow.

Choose The Right Type

Composite boards can offer a much longer expected lifespan than normal wood ones do. If you haven’t yet bought and installed one, choosing high-quality composite decks will spare you the headache of many of the problems you might face, such as combatting trying weather and standing the test of time. The people at Ultra decking claim that ‘Composite decking offers exceptional non-slip properties, even in the wettest of weather,’ and this is definitely a quality you need when you plan on having anything you build last outdoors. It’s always important to pay attention to water-resistant features, the warranty, and the durability.

Clean Immediately

You should always clean any food debris off of the decking immediately to prevent mold growth. Composite decking usually offers much higher protection against mold; however, leaving food debris which mold could survive on will eventually lead to mold growth that is hard to control. To efficiently remove the mold, you will need to use bleach. You can find a lot of products that are dedicated to this purpose with bleaching ingredients, or you can use the old and cheap household bleach to get the same results.

Look Out For Mold

If you have noticed any mold growth or oil spills on the decking, you should consider cleaning and removing them right away. Mold can always be a serious problem, and if it’s not tackled right away, can cause quite a lot of stress. Never let it get out of control, and with the right cleaning schedule, you won’t even notice them around!

Maintenance tips for composite decking - composite decking

Choose Your Snow Shovels Wisely

Metal snow shovels will only give you another problem to worry about. Plastic shovels work way better than metal ones to avoid scratching and gouging. It’s very important to practice caution as you shovel, and it’s better if you shovel the snow parallel to the boards. Or, another great way to avoid the hassle and the patience required to shovel snow in the right way is to not shovel at all. You can use calcium chloride to efficiently remove the snow without risking causing permanent damage to your deck.  This way is easier and even safer for your composite decking.

Make Sure That There Are No nearby Sources of Fire

It’s very important to avoid having any source of fire near your deck. These types of decking surfaces can easily be damaged if there is any source of a direct or an indirect fire near them. So you will need to always be cautious to prevent your composite decking from retaining heat.

Schedule An Inspection

It’s always better to schedule an inspection one or twice every year to make sure that your deck is in its best shape. Noticing and fixing any flaws in its early stages will save you the trouble of changing your entire decking. You can always do the inspection yourself; look for cracks, peeling, check the screws and joints, and make sure that the deck is clean and free from mold.

It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

Choosing the right composite decking boards will save you a lot of time and effort. Pick the one that offers an anti-slip feature, insect and mold resistance, and durable material to be confident about the structural integrity of the deck. If you keep your deck clean, dry, ensure adequate ventilation, and keep your sharp shovel away, you might be looking for a lifespan of more than twenty years.

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