Put Your Best Fast Forward: Maintaining Your Business Exterior

When realtors talk about curb appeal, they often talk about an attractive exterior on a private home that makes a potential buyer want to go in and learn more. Never underestimate, however, the value of curb appeal to your business. Considering how your business looks to visitors is an important part of brand management.

Maintaining Your Business Exterior

Even if they find you on the internet, a disheveled or rundown exterior can make that potential customer walk away. Here are three ways to make sure your best foot is always forward.

Don’t Let Slow Deterioration Overtake Your Maintenance

If your plate glass shattered or the air conditioning broke down, you’d have it repaired immediately. Unfortunately, the wear of time isn’t as obvious when you see it happen so slowly. A paint chip here, a grease stain in the parking lot there, and within a couple of years, your storefront isn’t the inviting place it once was.

Instead of waiting to notice things have gotten bad, set a schedule to have maintenance done every year. Hire a pressure washing Greenville SC service to come out and remove gum and oil baked onto the sidewalk and parking lot. Repaint your storefront at least every couple of years. Finally, don’t let your electric signs get dim, dirty and burned out. Taking care of the details indicates the kind of customer service your guests will receive.

Plan for Safety

Have the exterior of your property evaluated by professionals for safety issues. Not only will your customers thank you, but your employees will too. Check that there are no parking spots with poor nighttime lighting and every spot, front and back, has a clear line of sight to one of your doors. Installing obvious security cameras protects your customers and can keep your business from theft or vandalism. If you’re open after dark, consider hiring a security guard that is available to walk customers and employees to their cars. When you show you care about your customers and not just their wallets, you’ll create customers for life.

Maintaining Your Business Exterior - landscaping

Maintain Your Landscaping

Part of maintaining your landscaping is a safety issue, but it’s more than that. Landscaping creates personality. Even if you’re in a strip mall and don’t have a lot of control of the outside of the building, you can install planters, benches, even cooling jets that will make a welcoming entry for your customers. For free-standing businesses, weeds and unkempt rock or grass will have some customers wondering if you’re even open. By sweeping the front of your building, taking care of weeds and trimming trees and grass you maintain a professional look and it shows your business cares about the details. Also, by doing this regular weekly maintenance, you’ll have to spend less money on annual maintenance like washing and repainting your exterior.

Taking care of your building makes sense from every perspective. You’ll maintain the value of your property. You’ll create a safe environment that’s welcoming for customers and employees. You’ll make yourself less of a target for those who would damage or steal from your building. You’re investing in a place customers will want to shop.

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