Top 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

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The air conditioning system is an integral part of a home. They not only keep the air fresh but also maintain cooler temperatures while ridding the house of dust and insects. Apart from the above-named benefits, they serve a multitude of purposes that increase our quality of life. Considering how essential ACs are, proper maintenance of these systems is imperative.

Top 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

In this article, we are going to list the top 6 tips to maintain your AC. Let us delve into specifics.

Seek professional help

As much as regular home maintenance is advised, seeking professional help does come in handy. ACs can sometimes develop issues beyond any DIY maintenance. Hire technicians from the best air conditioning service in Rockwall; those that understand the ins and out of electrical systems and AC leakage issues. Even with no arising issues, allow licensed professionals to perform preventive maintenance twice a year, probably during the fall and spring. That way, minor issues are caught earlier on before they cause major inconveniences.

Clean the filters

For the smooth running of your AC unit, make a habit of regularly cleaning the filters. Depending on how often you use your AC, consider replacing the filters every few months. Failure to which dirt will clog the filters, obstructing airflow. The dirt might also seep into your home, reducing the quality of air. To increase your AC’s efficiency and to lower energy consumption, make sure the filters are in top-notch condition always.

Coils are also as important

The filter prevents dirt from damaging the evaporator coil. However, after a while, debris might seep through, insulating the coil and preventing it from effectively absorbing heat. Also, condenser coils might collect dirt, especially if you live in dusty environments. In both cases, it is important to change the coils annually. Doing so ensures the AC is operating at optimum levels, reducing energy costs.

Clean around your outdoor unit

No matter how much we strive to maintain our outdoor units, it is almost in vain if the surrounding areas are full of dirt. Fallen leaves, dust, and overgrown grass are some of the things that might cause your AC to break down. As such, be on the lookout for these as well as unkempt bushes and broken sticks. A build-up of these elements in the AC unit causes clogging, which interferes with airflow. Make sure your lawn is well-manicured, or else you risk having a broken AC system. Regular visual inspections are a necessity in this case.

Top 6 Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System - cleaning outdoor unit

Clean the drain pipe

Blocked drain pipes are a common problem of AC malfunctions. Unfortunately, not many people know where their ACs drain pipe is situated, which is something your technician or handyman can help you with. When cleaning, a vacuum can help suction off the dirt. Also, pouring bleach or passing a strong wire through to pipes can help unclog it.

Store your AC during the winter

Winter can wreak havoc on your AC. To ensure it lasts longer, store it during extremely cold seasons. For your outdoor unit, covering it will do the trick.

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