How to maintain your power tools 

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Power tools require proper maintenance and storage. Most high-quality tools are designed to last for a long time. However, for optimal use, your power tools need to be cleaned and serviced regularly. You may need to replace machine parts as well to ensure the power tool is safe to use.

How to maintain your power tools 

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your power tools properly.

Clean them

It would be best if you cleaned your power tools every time you use them. Before filing them away in storage, make sure they are working optimally and sparkling clean. With a toothbrush or soft cloth, wipe dirt from the power casings and outside of the machine. Use an air compressor to clean any vents to make sure your device can breathe more, run cooler and wear slowly. Lubricate your machine to prevent excess friction and wear, which will shorten your device’s lifespan in the long run. Tighten up any screws or fasteners and check anything that makes a rattle. Electric cords need to be checked because damaged ones can be hazardous. If you are unsure of any maintenance methods, please check your maintenance manual.


Before cleaning and storing your tools, let the motor cool down. AC motors are typically used in power tools and are also used in all kinds of everyday devices. While you are using your tools, make sure to take breaks and let the machine cool down to avoid overworking the motors. It can be easy to overwork a tool when dealing with concrete or tough wood. Store your power tools in a clean and organised area to reduce any safety hazards. Use a well-ventilated area that is protected from the elements and moisture. If you use battery-operated devices, avoid letting the battery completely drain before charging. Inspect your tool regularly to check for any signs of wear and performance issues. Pay close attention to any alarming sounds, burning smells or strange buzzes to prevent injuries and broken tools.

How to maintain your power tools - lubricating

Part replacement

Power tools are designed to wear, and the expected service of a tool takes into account the replacement of well-used parts. To name a few: carbon brushes, power cords and tires. If you are new to power tools, consider joining a repair forum or discussion board to find advice from long-term users and industry professionals. You could also seek help from customer service teams and how-to books.

Do not hesitate to get your tools serviced and repaired. Continuing to a use tool when it needs a replacement part or repair job, can further damage the tool and potentially injure you. Safety is paramount when it comes to home construction and power tools. Often damaged parts put more stress on other aspects of the tool, creating more damage as you use a poorly maintained tool. This can decrease the life span of your tool and cost you more money in the long run.

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