10 Tips to Maintain Bathroom Fixtures

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The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to clean, bathroom fixtures being the most difficult to deal with. But with regular maintenance, one can acquire the cleanest and neatest bathroom.

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Below are mentioned 10 tips that can aid one in maintaining bathroom fixtures.

#1: Dealing with brass fixtures

This is one of the most important bits of information one must know before cleaning their fixtures. Different finishes require different tools and products to clean them. Brass fixtures get dull and lack shine after a while of using them. Using a combination of lemon juice and baking soda works as good as any expensive brass cleaners found in the market.

#2: Use gentle products

Using harsh products results in corrosion of the fixtures, early rusting, and even ruining the texture of the fixture. Abrasive cleaners and harsh cleaning tools such as scouring powder must be avoided at all costs, especially if you are using it on delicate finishing such as chrome.

#3: Getting rid of soap scum from chrome fixtures

Soap scum can be quite ghastly to look at every morning you visit the bathroom. The easiest way to get rid of it is by using a used or unused dryer sheet. Another suitable solution to this problem is by using a cooking spray on the fixture. The cooking spray will first be spray to coat the fixture following which it will be wiped away gently with a soft cloth. There are plenty of other cleaning solutions while dealing with chrome.

#4: Tackling limescale on fixtures

Limescale is usually caused when hard water is in contact with fixtures. Showerheads and taps are the main bathroom fixtures on which you will notice limescale build-up. In the case of stainless steel and chrome fixtures, limescale can be eradicated with white vinegar. On the other hand, dealing with limescale on bronze or brass fixtures can be eliminated with the help of gentle soap, water, or even lemon juice.

#5: Eradicating rust

It is best to tackle rust in the early stages of its development. One can treat it with a paste of lemon juice and salt used in equal portions during that time. In the case of fixtures as delicate as chrome, a cloth can be dipped in cola and then gently scrubbed over the rust to get rid of it. Bathroom fixtures such as OLTSW faucets are known to be of the highest quality and do not rust easily.

#6: Clean fixtures weekly

Following a strict schedule to clean your taps easily keeps them clean and presentable and helps ensure that they last longer. This also helps prevent a large amount of money from being spent on repairs and maintenance. Products that are to be left to work overnight can be placed on the bathroom regions targeted, the previous night.

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#7: Wipe after every use

Ensure the surface of your fixtures is wiped every time it is rinsed or has water splashed on to it. The moisture can create a breeding ground for microbes, causing mold to grow in those wet areas. Ensure that a clean and dry cloth is used to wipe the surfaces. Keep the bathroom fixtures dry at all times.

#8: Best and Safest cleaner – Dish soap and water

Many assume that it is only the expensive cleaners that can keep your fixtures clean. That is not always true. A combination of dish soap and water is the holy grail product for many as it is not only cheap but gets the work done. It also holds the benefit of not being abrasive in nature.

#9: Manufacturer’s instructions of each product

Check the manufacturer’s instructions on the product being used before utilizing it for cleaning. It is important to do this as some products do not act well with different finishes and hence it is better to be safe than sorry. Chrome is one of the most delicate finishes out there. If the cleaning product doesn’t have the instruction that it can be used on chrome, do not try it out. In case of doubt, test it on a small area before using it on the entire fixture.

#10: Getting rid of gunk, grime, and stains

Apart from all the other nasty buildups in the bathroom, gunk, grime, and stains are another addition to this list. Not getting rid of them could also result in additional issues such as bad odor. To get rid of grime, one can use water and vinegar mixed in equal proportions accompanied by a cleaning cloth. At times, grime can be quite stubborn. At this point, a toothbrush can be utilized to scrub over the edges. Stains and other buildups can be eliminated with the help of baking soda accompanied by a few drops of water.


It is highly important to keep your bathroom clean at all times, especially the fixtures that come along with it. Consistent cleaning and doing so in the most efficient way is mandatory. We hope the above-mentioned tips shall aid you the next time you decide to clean your bathroom fixtures.

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