4 tips to make your luxury property more appealing to the market

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With today’s online resources, many properties are listed with tempting pictures and videos, however, when it comes to the luxury property market, buyers still prefer to deal with a real estate agent to help them make the decision. A luxury property is one with high-end finishes, designs, and architecture and it always has spectacular views and a different level of comfort.

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So if your luxury property has been listed for a while now with no buyers yet, then here are four tips to make it more appealing to the market:

Make it relevant 

One of the best things you can do to your luxury property to make it more appealing to the market is to ensure it is decorated to current styles. When investors, potential buyers or anyone else visits the luxury property, the first thing they ask themselves is if they could imagine the majority of the public living there. This is what gives the property a good chunk of its value. If your luxury property is decorated in a style that is out of date, the property value decreases. It is always better to ensure your home is decorated in an ‘in’ style such as Minimalist, Scandinavian, or Japandi. The light color schemes of these designs also make it helpful for future buyers to imagine the space in their heads as they would like it, again adding more value.

Tell the Story

When it comes to buying luxury, buyers are experienced real estate purchasers and their goal is to fill their wants, not their needs. Therefore it is very important to state the story behind the luxury pieces you own. For instance, if you uplifted your facade from small windows to fully glazed ones so you can fully experience the sunsets and sunrises across the mountains, mention it. Or if you kept the in-house chimney untouched as a design element and replaced the heating system with designer radiators so the property remains warm without endangering the value of the chimney, then also mention it. The stories sell the property as it makes it more relevant to the purchaser’s wants.

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Uplift the wet areas

Wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms are one of the most used places in the property. On another note, no matter how luxurious your property is, there are many new kitchen and bathroom trends that are emerging. If your kitchen or bathroom feels outdated, then you should consider hiring a design build remodeling company to uplift some of its elements which will surely act as an additional selling point. Add the newly uplifted elements to your initial story and you will have better selling power.

Stage it, make it real 

It goes without saying, when a buyer sees a fully furnished living area, with a beautiful outside pergola and a very comfortable outdoor set, they will see themselves watching the news on a Sunday afternoon with their friends, before they go out to the garden to smoke their newly purchased cigars. On the contrary, if the space is completely empty, they will not be able to visualize their days in your luxury property. Therefore you should put a budget to stage your luxury property as it increases its value. The buyer might like it as is and you will end up making a profit on the interiors as well as the property itself.

It is important to draft the real story of why you lived in your property for a while. Real estate agents love to hear these stories since they formulate their pitches around them. The luxury market is tricky because the budgets are open, therefore the challenge is not the money, but rather where the money is being invested. Pulling the above 4 tricks will definitely help the buyer make a faster decision as they formulate a better return on their investment.

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