How to Choose the Right Luxurious Exterior Door for Your Home

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When choosing a luxurious exterior door for your home, select a color that blends in with the rest of your home’s decor. You can choose a bold, sophisticated color if you like or go for a neutral tone to make the door work with any current set or future renovations.

Luxurious front door

It’s essential to think about the maintenance requirements of a luxurious exterior door.

Fiberglass composite doors mimic the look of wood.

While many people prefer the look of wood, modern fiberglass exterior doors can replicate that look perfectly. Though close inspection will reveal the difference, fiberglass doors are available in various design styles, colors, and finishes. While genuine wood is more expensive and challenging to work with, fiberglass is an excellent choice for homeowners who value the look of wood without the associated maintenance costs. Here are some advantages of choosing fiberglass over wood, according to LexD Garage Doors:

You can customize your fiberglass entry door with decorative trim and hardware. The look of wood grain will stand out even better when stained. You can even choose a custom shape for your entryway. For example, you can select a wrought-iron grille design to spice up a plain entry. A Sycamore wood grain fiberglass slab door with Estate Cherry wood grain finish looks particularly beautiful. A variety of companies offer a wide range of additional options, including sidelights, transoms, and decorative glass.

Fiberglass composite doors are maintenance-free and can last up to 15 years in a protected location compared to wooden doors. Because they do not react to changes in climate, fiberglass doors are typically more durable than wood. The wood material is hygroscopic, meaning that the moisture content in wood is determined by air humidity. An unsealed door may warp, swell, or decay. This is why fiberglass doors are so popular.

Double exterior door

Wood doors complement practically any architectural or design style.

If you are looking for a traditional door with a timeless appeal, you can’t go wrong with a wood door. Available in many different styles and designs, wood doors can be customized to fit any entryway or home. From French-style villas to Victorian homes, wood doors can enhance any aesthetic. When well-maintained, wood doors will retain their value and boost curb appeal, increasing the value of a home. When adequately stained and maintained, wood doors rarely need replacement, ensuring a long lifespan and a positive return on investment. While most wood doors complement almost any architectural or design style, the strength of a door depends on the species, quality of wood, and construction. For example, hollow doors provide less strength, but solid ones will meet most needs for durability. You can even choose tints and shades to offset a bright color. When selecting a color, remember the color theory. Remember, there is a vast spectrum of colors and shades.

Maintenance of Luxurious Exterior Doors

If you’ve recently installed a luxury steel door on your home, you may wonder how to maintain it. This kind of door requires little maintenance after installation, but you shouldn’t assume it will never need care. It is essential to perform routine checks on your doors each season or once a quarter to ensure they are in top condition. Also, make sure that you record the Seattle garage door repairs you do for your home. Wooden exterior doors are considered living material, requiring special attention and care. Before cleaning or performing repairs, you should remove the door from the hinges and hardware. Afterward, cover any glass surfaces with protective cloths. You can complete minor repairs while the door is still mounted, but more complex repairs should be performed horizontally. Ensure that the door is cleaned correctly, and always follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance booklet instructions. Regular maintenance of exterior doors involves routine cleaning, protective coatings, and regular inspections. If you live by the ocean, you need to regularly clean your exterior doors to avoid the corrosive effects of saltwater. Seawater will quickly erode your exterior doors. You can clean your front door with a simple household detergent but dilute it with plenty of water. Clean the door thoroughly and remove any rust that may have formed. Finally, and most importantly, follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions when applying primer and paint.

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