What Is A Low Pitch Loft Conversion?

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Not all lofts have an incredible space where you can convert it into anything you like. Instead, some might have very little headroom available, which is why they might be low-pitched. You can even convert such a loft and make it a usable space through creative ways for low pitch loft conversion.

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If you want to maximise space but have low headroom, you have come to the right place. Here is what you need to know about a low-pitch loft conversion.

What Is A Low Pitch Loft Conversion?

A low-pitch roof conversion is where there is less headroom in the space, but you still want to opt for a loft conversion. According to building regulations, the minimum height for a loft conversion is 2.2 metres. You have to measure this height from the top of your ceiling joist to the floor. Once you do, it will give you a better idea if you can opt for a loft conversion. Even if your home has a lower ceiling, you can still choose a loft conversion that will suit your needs.

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What Kind Of Loft Conversion Can You Get If You Have Low Headroom?

Even with low headroom, you can still opt for different types of loft conversions. These include:

Dormer Loft Conversion

The dormer roof is one of the most common loft conversions in homes that have low headroom. That is because it will allow you to expand the floor space and create more headroom. Because of this, it can become the biggest room in the house in no time. It will create straight walls in the room. You will not get any slanted walls if you opt for this loft conversion. Other types of loft conversions can have slanted walls.

Roof Lift

The roof lift is a process where the existing roof is lifted and then replaced with a higher roof. It is one of the best ways to ensure that the low headroom issue is fixed and you have more space for conversion. It will be an ideal option for you if you have enough flooring space in your loft, but it doesn’t have enough height.

Hip-To-Gable Loft Conversion

Finally, you can opt for this type of loft conversion if you have a low ceiling. The conversion includes extending the regular sloped-sided house to replace it with a vertical wall. Because of this, your loft will have the same height throughout. The extra space will give you more freedom as to how you can use it. So, be sure to consider this type of loft conversion for your low-pitched roof.

Final Thoughts 

A low ceiling is not a problem because you can still opt for a loft conversion with such a roof. Of course, you will have limited options available, but you can lift the roof and then decide what you want to do with the space. The best option you have is to contact a professional so they can assess the situation and give you the perfect solution.

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