Looking After Your Front Yard and Porch Has Never Been Easier: How to

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The porch and the yard have become a staple of modern homes. They are often seen as a place to relax, have a drink, and wind down after a long, hard day while watching the world go gently by. They are a place for meeting neighbors and relaxing with friends, especially on long summer evenings.

Looking After Your Front Yard and Porch Has Never Been Easier

It’s no wonder, then, that our front yards and porches end up getting regularly used. The problem is that they can quickly become tired, worn, and dirty-looking. There are some easy ways to look after your front yard and porch, keeping it looking fresh and welcoming all year round. Here’s how…

Clean Regularly

It’s quite simple, but regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways to keep your porch maintained. Whatever materials your porch is constructed from, a simple mild soap and water mix will do wonders at cleaning off daily dirt and grime. Hose down and gently scrub away any tough mud, dirt, or greasy patches. If you are cleaning wood or treated concrete, avoid the jet washer. Make sure you dry it thoroughly afterward and you’ll have a fresh-looking porch right away.

Paint Your Concrete

Due to the fact porch areas are so regularly used, concrete is often a construction material of choice. Concrete is super durable, meaning it can handle the countless footsteps, furniture moves, and other daily use of a porch area. But, concrete can look rather boring if it is not treated or painted. Painting your own concrete porch is a great way to bring a little extra life into the surface. Plus, many outdoor paints are water repellent so help with keeping the concrete flooring in top condition. Moreover, finding outdoor paint for a concrete porch is easy, but you have to make sure it’s of the highest quality. Simple indoor paint will not be durable enough against the regular use of a concrete surface. Look for something durable, bright, and water-resistant.

Treat Your Wood

Another top surface used in yards and porches alike is wooden decking or flooring. Wood gives a really lovely feel to any outdoor space, bringing earthy tones and a gentle underfoot feel. However, wood is much more easily damaged than concrete by both the weather and our movements upon the surface. It is for this reason that it’s vitally important you treat your wood properly with an appropriate outdoor wood treatment or oil mix. This will help seal the wood, keeping undue moisture out and preventing cracks or splinters.

Care for the Lawn

Many people put a lot of time into their front lawns. It’s a point of pride for some. The thing is, it really doesn’t take hours upon hours of effort to make your lawn one of the best in the neighborhood. First, tackle any weeds and tackle them aggressively. Rip them up and treat the ground with weed-killing solutions. After this, sow seeds to cover dead patches. Once your grass is growing, it’s as simple as making sure it gets one inch worth of water a week – water it if it hasn’t rained – and mowing it every other weekend. Simple steps to a great front lawn.

Looking After Your Front Yard and Porch Has Never Been Easier - lawn mower

Blow Away Leaves

Leaves can cause problems for your porch surface, grass, and more. They can be slippery and dangerous in the fall, especially in your smooth porch area. The easiest way to clear leaves is to buy or hire a simple leaf blower. They are not expensive and save so much time compared to shoveling or raking leaves. Plus, avoiding these tools means far less risk of scratching your porch or tearing out your lawn.

Pot Some Low-Maintenance Plants

For a final touch to your porch – and one that requires basically no effort – pot some low-maintenance plants. Things like Boston Ferns are suited to all seasons and require very little attention. Other top plants with minimal attention needs include citrus trees, olive trees, succulents, and basically any other potted tree. They are all extremely easy to trim and prune if necessary, can survive in various heat and light levels, and only require water when the soil has completely dried out. This can add a lovely, relaxing feel to your porch without adding any effort at all.

These tips will help you have the neatest, cleanest, and most durable front yard and porch, while also creating an enjoyable space to relax. Remember to treat that porch properly, keep it clean, and make it homely. Create yourself a perfect, relaxing space without much need for constant care and attention.

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