Lifespans for 3 Common Roofing Materials

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Buying and installing a new roof on your home is an expensive and involved process that can intimidate many homeowners. There are so many different materials to choose from, budgets to consider, and designs to look at. Most importantly, when is it truly time to decide to go forward with the replacement instead of thinking about doing some repairs? Each of these questions can be scary, which is why you want to be certain that you are working with a roofing contractor that you trust. When you have a professional who is helping you make all of these decisions and are respecting your budget and needs, you can be confident with each step of the process.

Lifespans for 3 Common Roofing Materials

Understandably, the lifespan of your roof will probably be top of mind while you are going through the selection process since you probably would have loved to get a few more years out of your current roof and avoid the need for this investment for a little bit longer. Take a look at these three common roofing materials to get an idea of the range of lifespans that you can choose from when you are selecting a new roof for your home.

Composite Asphalt Shingles

The composite asphalt shingle is the most common type of roofing material for residential homes in the United States, and for good reason. The shingles are durable, they are relatively simple to install, and they offer your home a good level of protection for the cost. If you have decided that you will use composite asphalt shingles on your roof, you will then need to choose from a wide range of selections in this category that will vary in price and quality. On the lower end of quality, you can expect to get around 15 years of useful life from your shingles, but if you opt for a high-end option then you may be able to expect your roof to last up to 40 years. The biggest parts of this decision lie in your budget and your long-term plans for your home.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is a unique, notable style to choose from, and this selection is increasing in popularity across the country. There is almost always a higher upfront cost to a metal roof than traditional asphalt shingles, but when you consider the lifetime cost of the roof you may find that the initial expense is worth the long-term reliability that you are getting.

Lifespans for 3 Common Roofing Materials - metal roof

In many cases, a metal roof can last between 30 and 50 years, but in the right conditions, they may last upwards of 75 years. During this time, repairs are infrequently needed, and maintenance is relatively simple as long as you hire a professional. This choice of roofing material can provide your home with a level of protection that few other roofs can offer according to Mesa Roofers.

Slate Roofing

A slate roof is one of the most durable and attractive options for roofing material, and is unsurprisingly one of the most expensive options as well. This is because of a variety of reasons, starting with the fact that a slate roof requires that slate is mined from a quarry, split into flat panels, graded for quality, and then installed by a highly-skilled roofer. However, slate roofs commonly last more than 100 years, and in some parts of the world, there are slate roofs that are well over 500 years old that are still in perfect working order (with the help of excellent maintenance throughout the years). If you are looking to make a lasting statement, and budget is not your top concern, then this is a great option to consider.

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