What are Level 4 Cabinets?

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When you are shopping for kitchen cabinets in Tempe, it’s important to know all about your options – and it’s not just about color. It’s about quality. Level 4 cabinets are the premier cabinets that are designed for durability and offer more premium options for colors and finishes.

What are Level 4 Cabinets

What Color Cabinets Show the Least Amount of Dirt?

As you start to explore the personality that you want your new kitchen cabinets to exhibit, it’s important to understand that there are quite a few finishes. Particularly with level 4 cabinets, the sky is the limit.

Some of your options include:

  • Stained
  • Glazed
  • Natural
  • Painted
  • Varnished

Painted finishes are extremely popular because they provide you with the most color options. You can choose to go with a standard color or make a statement in your kitchen with a vibrant color such as blue or green. If you want to keep your cabinets looking clean, it’s important to choose a color that shows the least amount of dirt.

Is White the Best Color for My Kitchen Cabinets?

The color that is best for your kitchen cabinets is dependent on a number of factors. While white is considered one of the best, there are many other colors that are popular, too. Other colors you want to consider include black, gray, and light brown. Much of what makes one color better than another depends on the layout of your kitchen. Smaller kitchens and kitchens with low levels of light benefit from white or light-colored cabinets. Meanwhile, if you have a large kitchen with a lot of natural light, darker cabinets can offer a luxurious look.

When you want to achieve a traditional and elegant look for your kitchen, white is a great option. It won’t show off scratches very easily, but it will show off dirt and smudges, which means you have to consider if white is best for you based on whether you have small children in the home or not. Before you decide that white is best because it’s considered the most popular trend, pay attention to some of the other colors out there, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time scrubbing dirt off of your cabinets.

Why Do White Cabinets Get Dirty?

White cabinets are the same as anything else that is white – they will show off dirt over time, and this includes dust and dirt that simply accumulates. The messier you are in the kitchen, the more things will show – spaghetti splatters, grease, and anything else that you may be prepping, cooking, or frying. Discoloration can be a significant issue as well, especially if you have a lot of direct sunlight pouring into your kitchen. If you don’t have blinds or drapes on the windows, the UV rays can take a toll on the paint. White is an unforgiving color – and if you have kids that “help” you in the kitchen, you’ll find it to be quite difficult to keep the cabinets clean. White won’t allow you to hide any stains or smudges.

Cheap white paint and low-quality cabinets will cause your cabinets to look even dirtier. It’s all the more reason to choose level 4 cabinets. The stronger wood and the more durable design will ensure that you don’t encounter as many dings and scuffs as you would on cheaper cabinets. Particularly if you want to maintain a premium aesthetic on your cabinets, this is something to consider.

What are Level 4 Cabinets - wood panel cabinets

Is There a Way to Subdue White Kitchen Cabinets?

While kitchen cabinets may seem like they’re more problematic than they’re worth, that’s not exactly true. There are plenty of ways to subdue white kitchen cabinets so that they look great, are easier to clean, and ensure you get a premium aesthetic in your space. First, consider the type of paint that is used. Not all white paints are created equal. Thicker paint will ensure that it’s not quick to chip. A slight luster (such as a semi-gloss) will also ensure that the cabinets are easy to wipe down.

The exact hue of white that you choose also matters. Go for a warm white that has yellow or green undertones. That way, it’s not a bright white, and it might help to disguise the occasional finger smudge. Glazing your kitchen cabinets can make a dramatic difference, too. A glaze is a semi-clear coating that will offer a subdued and rustic vibe to your cabinets. Depending on the color of the glaze, it can even offer a dramatic or vintage look so that your cabinets are truly unique.

How Many Gallons of Paint Will It Take to Paint My Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting your kitchen is no easy feat – and there are plenty of tips on how to make sure that you do it properly. It’s important to buy the right amount of paint so that you order all of it at once. Most colors are never quite the same if you have them mixed at two different times (or at two different stores). As such, it’s better to order a bit more than not enough. You will have quite a bit of painting to do because you should paint both sides of the cabinets. You won’t need to paint inside of the cabinet box, however. Two coats of paint will be necessary to get sufficient coverage as well as the durability that you need inside of your kitchen.

On average, you will need two gallons of paint for a small to medium kitchen. If your kitchen is 300 square feet or larger, you may want to consider getting a third gallon of paint. This way, you’ll have plenty of paint to complete the job with some leftover in the event that you need to do some touchups later on. It’s important to work with a professional so that you can get help determining the best color for your level 4 kitchen cabinets in Tempe. Once installed, you can look forward to a phenomenal aesthetic that is customized to meet your needs and wants.

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