4 Legit Ways to Dispose of Used Furniture in 2021

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Relocation is tough. Uprooting yourself is both physically and emotionally demanding. Things may come up unexpectedly, including your anxiety level.

4 Legit Ways to Dispose of Used Furniture in 2021

Given that, a little bit of planning ahead and exploring the ways to dispose of furniture before the day you move will go in handy.

Have it Reupholstered

Before getting to the extremes, is it that hopeless? Have you thought of giving an uplift to your furniture? Especially if you are all into sustainability and at least care about the environment you live in. A new coat of paint, updated fixtures and fittings, or even reupholstered design can give a lease of life to your grandpa’s antique buffet. Spray paint, for instance, is a pretty popular revival trick for worn wood furniture but be careful about the surface you put it on.

Reupholstering works for chairs and sofas for the most part. You can totally do it yourself and save even more. Alternatively, you might want to opt for specialist companies for a neat finish. What’s so compelling in this option? First, you are free to choose the fabric that is most pleasant to your skin: ultimate comfort. On top of that, this will be a lovely way to match your new interior design elements to the older ones.

Sell Furniture

Is it vintage or just old? Maybe you’ll find value in your inherited furniture. And if so, why don’t you make some decent cash? Amazon and eBay are always there. But you should consider targeted selling options for vintage. Local household item auctions are a great place to start from. By the way, it would be an even less hassle for you to use an auctioneer. This, of course, comes with its pros and cons. The good thing is you get a fast sale. Interested buyers are in one place in a given day and time, but there is no way back if you get stuck with an unfavorable offer.

Hire a Furniture Removal Company

Sure, you thought of the curbside pick-up, but there is no guarantee the trash collectors will take it. For this reason, it’s much more efficient if you hire a local furniture removal service. By living in Seattle, I can confirm that I once hired a local furniture removal company and got in touch with the most comprehensive furniture and appliance hauling experts in the greater Seattle area. The experts got to my location very quickly and the furniture removal process was held very smoothly. Since you’re moving, you will have to deal with more than you anticipate. With Furniture Removal service, you’ll be able to make use of their property clean-up, construction site debris removal, and single item pick-up services as a bonus.

4 Legit Ways to Dispose of Used Furniture in 2021 - used furniture

Donating to Charity

In the long run, if you are going to throw it anyway, why not donate? There are probably people out there that need it more than you do, so warm up someone’s heart instead of doubling your daily trash. A lot of charities, like Habitat for Humanity and Furniture Network, accept furniture donations. Some even go as far as picking it up from your house or a drop-off location. There shouldn’t be barriers if money is not on your priority list. No wonder this is one of the smarter ways to dispose of old furniture while supporting a good cause.

Planning Beforehand Helps

Moving and relocation shouldn’t be as stressful if you plan ahead. When you’re aware of the options available, taking control of things from the outset can go a long way. Now, enjoy letting go of the old stuff.

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