Landscaping for Property Value

Taking care of a home’s garden can not only be fun, but it can also help increase its property value. Houses with well kept lawns and gardens are more likely to sell than a home with an overgrown and neglected lawn. That said, it takes planning and effort to ensure a home’s landscaping efforts pay off when it comes to property value. One such trick is to make sure the landscaping matches the architecture. According to ApartmentTherapy, you should aim to match the style of the landscaping to the style of the home. For example, a Victorian style home should have a lavish, colorful landscape design to match.

Landscaping for Property Value

Additionally, when it comes to fancy accessories like fountains and koi ponds, caution is advised for a couple of reasons. They require maintenance, and that might put off people from buying if you’re concerned about that. Though they also require maintenance, trees are handy for appeal and shade. They help add shade, remove carbon dioxide in the air, and can also save you some money on groceries by growing fruit. They are also not very expensive to grow (but you have to be patient). Zoning and other local ordinances should be consulted before planting any trees or undertaking major landscaping endeavors. Fortunately, your local Orange County landscaping experts will have the knowledge and experience to guide you through any such issues when it comes to creating a great landscape in Orange County.

To ensure good results for landscaping and property value, make sure to have a plan. Just like you need the layout to match the architecture, it should also compliment itself and the lawn. According to HomeGuide, there are key differences between long-term and short-term landscaping. Long-term landscaping allows for growth of trees, bushes, and the like. Short-term landscaping means the trees will be young or fresh, but the flower garden will be a prime focus due to its shorter life span, perennials excepted of course. The trick is knowing what sort of landscaping time frame you’re working with. A landscaper can help with that so you can come up with a plan accordingly.

Landscaping for Property Value - amazing landscape

Regular fertilizer treatments and perennial flowers or flowerbeds can also help with this. Curb appeal doesn’t have to be super ornate and flashy. Some well-placed rows of flowers, a green, trimmed lawn, and well cared for shrubs or trees can make for a lovely looking landscape. Said landscape is clearly maintained, and that can help improve the home’s property value. Long term or short term, it’s all about the care put into the lawn and garden. This is especially important with trees. Trees take a long time to grow and mature, so if you’re playing the long game in real estate you can simply grow smaller trees. For the short term, consider alternatives to trees, like shrubs or bushes. Or just plant larger trees. Whatever you have planned, make sure you can take care of it so that the lawn and garden will look beautiful and sell well.

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