Landscaping and Improvement

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Landscaping is a subtle art and science at the same time, which is the link between architecture and garden design. Landscaping of the territory is not only a new and gaining popularity direction in the field of design, but also a complex business that requires literacy and experience. You should not trust it to beginners if you aren’t ready to correct other people’s mistakes, spending extra money and time on it.

Landscaping and Improvement

Landscaping is an art that is at the junction of three directions: on the one hand, architecture, construction and design (engineering aspect), on the other hand, botany and plant growing (biological aspect), and, on the third hand, information from history (especially from the history of culture) and philosophy. In addition, landscape design is called practical actions for landscaping and landscaping. The most professional landscape designers of the CaptainHandy company provide exceptional quality services.

Unlike gardening and truck farming, the main task of which has an agricultural focus (increasing the productivity of garden crops), landscape design is a more general and universal discipline. The main task of landscape design is to create harmony, beauty in combination with the convenience of using the infrastructure of buildings, smoothing out conflicts between urbanization forms and nature, which often suffers from them. To achieve the goals of landscape construction, you need not just an artistic taste, a real talent for organizing space, where every element of the landscape design of the site — whether it is a gazebo for relaxation, a decorative pond or an orchard, is competently inscribed in the canvas of the site design. A well-built design of the landscape of a garden or a site that meets the architectural style of a residential building and the aesthetic worldview of its owners is able to create a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

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Landscape projects are most often divided into several stages:

  • The first stage is creating the concept of a landscape design. Designers must determine general spatial layout and landscape design of the object — the division of the territory into functional zones, the placement of the main landscape elements in the garden, tree and shrub vegetation, flower beds, reservoirs, streams, lawns, a road and path network of the site is laid, as well as the question of transformation or adjustment of the relief is being decided. 
  • The next stage of a landscape design project is a working landscape design. This stage includes the detailed development of the master plan, the creation of the alignment and planting drawing, the dendroplane, the layout of the lighting elements, and the area balance plan. Landscaping projects that are more complete in composition, if necessary, also contain projects of vertical planning, drainage, irrigation, small forms and structures. More detailed landscape projects contain a detailed plan of flower beds with an indication of planting sites for each type of plant and other working drawings to help with further landscape work.

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