Landscaping and Hardscaping – A Beautiful Union

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Designing or overhauling your outdoor space can be a beautiful yet daunting task. With even your biggest dreams made possible in the 2020 design world, there is no need to think small when imagining your new and updated outdoor space! In case you were wondering, hardscaping is any structure you might think of adding to your landscape; be it a fountain, paving, above-ground pool, concrete or even a new fence. The best way to start is by making a list, gather all your hopes and dreams together and jot them down, this will help you decide what you can afford to do both space-wise and budget-wise.

Landscaping and Hardscaping – A Beautiful Union

Once you have got your list of decorative or practical structures for your landscape you can move onto the next step. Armed with the knowledge of which items you would like to see blended into a beautiful union in your outdoor oasis, you can now do an image search for these items on the internet. The internet is filled with different styles, designs, materials, and colour options – you are bound to find exactly what you are after with a quick browse of the search results. Now that you have found examples of your coveted items you will notice a theme will start to appear and tie your style together perfectly.

Hardscaping is an integral part of landscaping; it is about more than just the aesthetics. It is about the practical and overall function of your outdoor space. Having a useable outdoor space will enable you to spend quality time together outside with your family and friends. Most hardscaping items do serve a greater purpose than just looking the part, retaining walls and stone pathways can assist in levelling out the flow of your landscape or uneven land. They can also aid in assisting drainage to prevent areas from being flooded after constant or sudden rainfall. These brick, stone or concrete additions help to provide boundaries to your living garden, and ultimately define your property line.

Landscaping and Hardscaping – backyard patio

When designed well, hardscaping can add to the flow of your overall exterior and interior aesthetic, matching your hardscaping to the exterior of your home is a quick and easy way to maintain your style throughout and the message you would like to put across to friends and guests alike. Whilst hardscaping can assist in creating a focal point in your outdoor space, such as an outdoor kitchen or firepit, keep in mind the importance of the softer features of landscaping. Use greenery and shrubs where you can to soften the edges of your chosen hardscaping and create an organic wonderland.

On a final note, when deciding on the best hardscaping for your space, there are a few aspects to keep in mind before making your purchase. Consider the maintenance aspect, most hardscaping is also long-wearing but their exposure to the elements and seasonal changes can take a toll on these pieces. This can be prevented by routine maintenance, cleaning, and care. When paired perfectly, landscaping and hardscaping creates an immersive visual experience that you will not easily forget – not to mentions hours of outdoor time when the weather permits!

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