The Best Kreg Precision Router Tables

When first setting up your own workshop or upgrading your existing set up, finding the right tools and equipment is imperative. It’s what will help you complete a job well done quickly and effectively. But when it comes to the right tools, there are only two things that matter most: power and safety. Not only do you want tools that you can rely on for stability and durability, but you want to complete your task with a peace of mind knowing that the tools you’re using, though powerful, come with the highest possible safety ratings.

The Best Kreg Precision Router Tables

As you can imagine, this is extremely important when it comes to precision router tables, one of the largest tools that will be in your workshop. Router tables add versatility to your wood working by allowing the user to run wood through the router tool, rather than running the tool over wood. With its high speed capabilities and extreme precision, not only can you complete your job a little faster, but with more accuracy and even added safety. So, when it comes to the largest power tool in your workshop, there is one name we look to over the rest: Kreg Precision Router Tables.

Kreg Router tables are one of the top recommended brands in the industry, coming with many different options for beginners and experts alike. Aside from their extreme precision and highly rated safety features, Kreg precision router tables are also extremely durable, making them steady enough to even use other power tools on the table top. But when it comes to shopping for a Kreg precision router table, there are a few different options you can look for. Thanks to reviews at, we have narrowed it down to two incredible options.

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table

One of the top selling router tables on the market is the Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table. This top tier router table comes with many different accessories and added features including level-loc reducing rings. It also comes with a durable steel stand, castors, 1 feather board, setup bars, and even a micro adjuster. This particular table has a decent sized working space and the individual precision router fence faces allow you to adjust and use the table as a vertical jointer. Although this particular table is priced as a mid-range precision router table system, it is still the best value for money option on the market for the quality you are getting. With its precision, durability, and versatility, the Kreg PRS1045 router table has been a well received piece of machinery by the woodworking community. It is an ideal starting point for your home workshop, or an excellent upgrade to your existing one.

The Best Kreg Precision Router Tables - working on table

Kreg PRS2100 Precision Benchtop Router Table

The Kreg PRS2100 Precision Benchtop Router Table is another excellent option provided by Kreg. This particular router table is just as durable, reliable, and safe as the PRS1045, but does lack some of the add-ons included with the PRS1045. For example, one drawback to this particular model is that the phenolic insert plate is not flat, which can be an issue for heavier or more advanced woodworking. However, if you are new to the industry, or are looking to get some great starter tools for your workshop, the Kreg PRS2100 is an excellent option. Aside from being a great beginner router table, the Kreg PRS2100 precision benchtop is also a great value for money. It is considered a mid-budget router table, and gives you the same high quality and safety features without breaking the bank. It is a great fit for anyone starting out in woodworking who is looking to compete DIY woodworking projects or even small home projects.

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  1. Gabreil Riley

    ok so I got a nice bonus from work last month and decided to treat myself to one of those kreg router tables with the self centering fence. I got it and got it put together and my router mounted. The problem is that as soon as I start the router the vibrations from my router loosen the leveling screws and make the plate and my router start to sink. I tried snugging them up but it didn’t seem to help. Do I want to put some nuts on these screws or locktight them? Any other ideas?

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