How prepared are you for when the grid goes down? Will you effectively power your machines and light your home, or you will be grounded? This is a situation that you cannot take lightly, especially when most of your work depends on electric power. Therefore, you need a reliable backup.
Things to look out for in your Kodiak solar generator
Let’s look at the top 6 things to look out for in your Kodiak Solar Generator.

Charging ports

This solar generator comes with two types of charging ports; high voltage and low voltage. They all are useful depending on the solar panels that you wish to connect to it. Therefore, you should check to ensure that both ports are working optimally.

External battery connection

One of the unique features that you will find when you buy this generator is its ability to connect to an array of external batteries. This means that you have an expandable storage capacity. To avoid problems, inquire from the supplier how many batteries you can connect, the type, and how to safely connect them. Remember you need to connect the solar generator to the right devices to enjoy the best power supply.

Heat vents

If you check out resourceful websites such as, you will notice that heat vents play a critical role when it comes to performance. They control temperatures in the interior of the generators thus preventing overheating. Whether you are buying from an on or offline supplier, let the heat vents be tested for the best performance. Keep in mind that an overheating solar generator is likely to develop various faults.

Power display and switch

The solar generator comes with a power display that has a lot of features. It is the one that shows the level of charge as well as the remaining charging time. When there is a faulty connection, you will see it on this display. However, we all know that even the best innovations can have problems and therefore, it is not strange to find a new portable solar generator with faulty displays. It is the same thing when it come to the power switch, and this is the reason they should be checked.

Things to look out for in your Kodiak solar generator - Kodiak solar generator

VAC plugs and RV plugins

In the box, you will find several accessories. Although they are all important, more attention should be given to VAC plugs and RV plugins. These are the ones that determine how you connect the generator to solar panels and to the appliances you want to power. You may end up thinking that a generator is faulty when the problem is in the plugs.

USB outlets

It is a good thing that this generator comes with USB outlets. They can help in connecting to various devices including mobile phones and so, they need to be checked at the point of purchase.

In a nutshell, the list of things to look out for in your Kodiak Solar Generator is long. Since you want the best backup for grid electricity, you have no option but to carefully look at all these features, and any other based on your personal preferences.