How Do You Know if Your Pipes are Leaking?

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Are you aware of the fact that a huge amount of water is wasted every year through leaks alone? A leaking pipe can prove to be a major headache for any homeowner out there. It doesn’t matter whether these pipes are leaking, frozen or root-clogged they ought to be fixed as soon as possible.

leaking pipe

It is important to perform a number of leak detection assessments on a regular basis which will help you to understand whether a pipe is leaking or not. Below, we have mentioned some surefire indications that will let you know that the pipes are leaking.

Excessively high water bills

It is natural for your water bills to soar up during summer particularly if you have a lawn in your residence. However, an inexplicably high water bill might indicate something else – a leaking pipe. Although it might start small, the problem might aggravate over time. Therefore, it is essential to resolve the problem without making any delay. It would be a sensible idea to get in touch with plumber who have the required experience behind them to fix your leaking pipe for good. Abnormally high water bills can spoil your personal finances and you might be required to shell out an extra $500 to $1,000 every month for that.

Musty odor

It is possible for mildew and mold to develop inside the vents, walls, or even under the floor of the room. On most occasions, you will smell it prior to seeing it. Although it is normal for any room to smell that way in case somebody takes a shower several times a day, it can even be a leaky pipe. In fact, water under a dripping pipe will remain stagnant for a long time producing this type of smell.

Wet spots

Wet spots can be present outside your residence next to the lawn or next to the house. Puddles or even mud might appear in and around the exterior walls although there has been no rainfall. Otherwise, you might even find wet spots within your house. Mildew and mold will develop wherever there is water. It might even cause structural damages. Therefore, do not think twice and follow the indications while getting the pipe fixed as well.

wet spot on the ceiling from leaking pipes

A running meter

In case you shut down all the water off within your residence the water meter must completely stop. In fact, it is easy to test the water as compared to the electric meter. You are always utilizing some electricity except for a power outage. In case the water meter still ticks away, it will probably indicate a leaking pipe.

Foundation cracks

It takes some time for homes to settle down naturally. This might cause small hairline cracks in the drywall or in the ceiling. However, in case you observe a crack all of a sudden that becomes inexplicably widened it might indicate a leaking pipe. Slowly, a weakened foundation will start sinking. If so, then there is a possibility for the windows, doors, walls, and floors to become torn apart in the long run.

In case you ignore the leaky pipe, there is every chance for your water bill to soar up. Moreover, a dripping pipe can also inflict serious damage to your residence as well as your budget. Therefore, always be alert and look out for any sign that might suggest a leaking pipe.

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