Guide to Kitchen Remodeling Financing with Loans

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If you are in need of kitchen remodeling financing, click here to see how home improvement loans could help with getting the funds for the project. Did you know the average cost to remodel a kitchen is over $23,000? With this average cost, it’s no surprise that most people need to borrow the money because they don’t have this amount laying around.

Guide to Kitchen Remodeling Financing with Loans

Have you been considering remodeling your kitchen and are in need of kitchen remodeling financing? Keep reading to learn how getting a home improvement loan can help you fund your project.

Kitchen Remodeling Financing Guide

The satisfaction after a kitchen remodel is always satisfying but getting there is usually one of the most expensive projects a homeowner can take. Thanks to companies like they can help with guiding homeowners during this overwhelming process of gathering the funds for their dream kitchen.

Types of Loans

When you are borrowing money for a kitchen remodel there are different types of loans you can choose from.

Personal Loan

This type of loan usually doesn’t require collateral. The interest rates vary depending on your credit and they might be higher than other types of loans. Normally this type of loan is easier to qualify for than the other option which is a home equity loan.

Home Equity Loan

This type of loan is also known as taking out a line of credit. In this case, you are putting your house as collateral which makes your interest rate much lower than traditional lending. A major con with this type of loan is that if you default on it the lender can foreclose your home. Something else to keep in mind is that in order to qualify for a home equity loan you need to have enough equity in order to qualify.

Contractor Financing

Another option is to finance directly from the contractor if they offer that option. If you choose this option make sure to ask if they have different interest options based on credit. This is a convenient option because they are also doing the remodel so it’s like having all-in-one finance along with construction.

Finance Terms

Taking out loans can be confusing no matter the type of loan. Knowing the lingo will make it easier for you to know what you’re getting into.


The lower the APR is on your loan the less interest you will pay over the entire life of the loan. It’s good to ask if the APR will adjust after a certain amount of time or if it’s fixed for the life of the loan.

Max Loan Amounts

Some lenders will have a maximum they allow people to borrow. Ask ahead of time if the lender you’re considering has a max amount and make sure if they do, the amount is enough to cover your remodel.

Repayment Terms

This is where you want to learn how long you have to pay this loan off and the monthly amount. Something else you want to ask is if they have a penalty for paying the loan off early in case you decide to pay it sooner than anticipated.

Happy Remodel!

Now that you have the guide above on kitchen remodeling financing it’s time to get to work. Pull out those dream kitchen pictures, find your contractor, and the finance company and get ready to wake up to a new kitchen. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for more posts like this one!

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